WoodbadgeWood BadgePre-course Assignment

The Twenty Questions



An important focus of the upcoming Wood Badge course will be a consideration of our roles as leaders in Scouting, in the workplace, in our communities, and in the nation. Among the most valuable discussions that will occur will be an ongoing consideration of setting leadership goals and then determining the manner in which those goals can be reached.

The Twenty Questions pre-course assignment is intended to help you lay the groundwork for the course by developing a clearer understanding of your personal interests, values, and sense of the future. At Wood Badge, you will have the opportunity to channel that information into the development of specific goals and effective means of action.

This assignment is for you to do on your own.

No one except you will see the results of this assignment.

Use this opportunity to take a good look at where you are now in terms of interests, leadership skills, and opportunities, and where you would like to be. Be as honest as you can. Enjoy the experience.



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