All adults registered in Venturing, except the Advisor, earn this award by qualifying for the requirements listed below.


Complete Adult Venturing leader Basic Training, No. 33491B.


Complete two years' tenure registered in any adult capacity in the Venturing program.


Do any seven of the following:

  • Attend at least six Venturing roundtables or Teen Leaders' Council meetings.
  • Participate in a crew officers' seminar.
  • Help with two council, district, or crew Friends of Scouting campaigns.
  • Participate in two parents' night programs.
  • Participate in a crew open house.
  • Serve in a support role for five crew weekend activities.
  • Serve on the staff of a Venturing training event.
  • Assist with a crew leadership skills course.
  • Serve on a Bronze, Gold, Silver, or Ranger consultant. Help organize or reorganize a Venturing crew.
  • Help support a crew money-earning project.

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