The Venturing Teen Leaders� Council is a district-wide organization of youth leaders that provides opportunities to share information, plan district and council activities, receive training, and network with leaders of other local crews. The TLC becomes the model crew for individual units to emulate.

Networking is one of the greatest tools of leadership. Networking provides to crews resources that otherwise are not be available. Effective networking equips crews with skills, supplies, tools, and other resources across unit boundaries, as leaders share their expertise and skills with each other.

By meeting at the same time and place as the Venturing adult leaders Roundtable, TLC provides opportunity for youth to interface with the adult leaders of all the programs that Venturing supports (inc. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity, etc.) Visibility and involvement catalyzes the experience and excitement.

Granger District�s TLC is being held in conjunction with the District�s monthly Roundtable meeting. Roundtable meetings normally occur the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm, meeting at the LDS chapel located at 3650 West 4700 South. Upon election of TLC officers, this body�s annual Teen Leaders� Council planning conference is set to coincide with the District Spring Camporee, April 24-25. Be there!

We can�t make it happen without you!

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