leadership�One of the key differences between Venturing and other youth programs is the fact the adults act as Advisors and consultants, not leaders.� (Venturing Leader Manual, p. 22, italics added)

Venturing is a youth led program, designed to meet the needs of those youth who are members of the crew. As an appointed leader of your crew, you will be accountable to the members of your crew for its success. The more education and training that you receive in your area of stewardship, the better equipped you will be to lead and facilitate an exciting program of activities. Below, you�ll find a brief description of your duties. For a more complete listing of individual responsibilities, check out the Crew Officer Orientation. You may also want to refer to the Venturing Handbook and the Venturing Leader Manual.


As the President, you are the primary leader of your crew. You were selected as the best person to lead and represent them. Being President carries honor and privilege, but it also requires hard work, responsibility, and dedication.
You share the responsibility of leading the crew with the other elected officers, working together to develop a leadership team. Among your specific responsibilities are:

  • Serve as the leader of the crew
  • Implement the crew program in cooperation with officers and members
  • Work closely with the Advisor and other adult leaders in a spirit of partnership
  • Represent the crew at Teen Leaders� Council (TLC)
  • Participates in the council TLC program planning conference
  • Assist the crew Advisor in conducting the Crew Officers Seminar
  • Appoints youth Activity Chairs for specific projects and activities, and appoints special crew officers
  • Present the annual report to the Chartered Organization and Crew Committee at the conclusion of term of office
  • Assesses on an ongoing basis whether the responsibilities of the officers are being considered and carried out effectively
  • Approaches, and encourages others to approach, Venturing in a spirit of fun and enthusiasm

Vice-President � Administration

Two key responsibilities characterize your position: (1) leading the recruiting efforts for new crew members, and (2) managing the recognition of members.
First, you provide leadership for recruiting new members to the crew by ensuring that prospective members are made aware of the crew�s Open House and other activities. You encourage members to invite friends to crew meetings and activities. You follow up with crew members that appear to be losing interest and find out why, so that their needs can be addressed in officer�s meetings and in the planning of future activities.
Second, you are responsible for recognizing members of the crew and making them feel a part of the crew. It is your responsibility to welcome new members; to recognize achievements of individual members of the crew; honor those who win scholarships, awards, or gain other achievements in Venturing.
Other responsibilities you carry include:

  • Serve as the administrative officer of the crew
  • Assume the responsibility of the crew in the absence of the President
  • Lead the crew�s recruiting and admission of new members to the crew
  • Organize and recognize the achievements of crew members
  • Maintain crew advancement charts and review individual progress at each meeting
  • Conduct opening and closing ceremonies for special occasions as scheduled
  • Attend all crew activities
  • Participates in the council TLC Program Planning Conference
  • Approaches, and encourages others to approach, Venturing in a spirit of fun and enthusiasm

Vice-President � Program

vice presidentMuch of the crew�s success depends on the program of activities; managing the development of a good program is the core of your responsibility. It is your responsibility to maintain a file of activity programs, events, projects and trips that the crew could do. You also maintain lists of resources available to the crew, skilled professionals and volunteers capable of providing support and direction to youth chairs for specific activities. You provide ongoing support by following up regularly with Activity Chairs to ensure a successful and exciting program. Your responsibilities include to:

  • Serve as the program officer of the crew, and as such, arrange the program planning process for the crew
  • Collect and maintain a crew activity file including the Program Capability Inventory (PCI); Activity Interest Survey (AIS), summarizing the crew members� interests and suggestions for activities; completed Activity Planner; program resources; and an annual activity calendar
  • Determine the interests of crew members on an ongoing basis
  • Provide support for the chair and committee for each activity
  • Maintain an up to date calendar of crew meetings and activities
  • Approach, and encourage others to approach, Venturing in a spirit of fun and enthusiasm


Effective communication is essential in any capacity of leadership. As secretary, you are the primary source of all communications in the crew � correspondence, records, minutes of officers meetings, plans, and publicity. Your responsibilities include:

  • Serve as the communications officers, and as such, manage all communications and publicity for the crew
  • Maintain crew membership and attendance
  • Handle crew correspondences and minutes of meetings
  • Coordinate publicity through local media, crew newsletters, and crew telephone and email networks
  • Approach, and encourage others to approach, Venturing in a spirit of fun and enthusiasm


As Treasurer, you are responsible to keep and maintain accurate records for all finances for your crew. Your crew expects an exact accounting for all monies taken in and paid out. You make regular reports at crew and officers� meetings regarding the crew�s budget and treasury. You see that crew officers approve all expenses before they are incurred. You work closely with an adult consultant who serves on the crew committee. As Treasurer, you:

  • Serve as the financial officer of the crew
  • Maintain financial records and monitor the crew budget
  • Communicate with the officers and crew members on a regular basis to keep them informed of the crew�s finances
  • Approach, and encourage others to approach, Venturing in a spirit of fun and enthusiasm


The advisor is the key adult leader and is responsible to provide training to youth officers. He works in partnership with the crew President, as an advisor, to ensure the success of these youth leaders. He obtains support and resources through the crew committee as needed. The Advisor is supported in his efforts by two or more Associate Advisors, who serve as backup leaders and provide direct support for the program and administration of the crew.
Shadow Leadership an essential quality of an effective Advisor. He must stand behind his youth counterpart to provide support and help, allowing the youth officer to fulfill his responsibility. Just as your shadow follows everywhere you go, you must stay connected with the youth that you serve. You must know all the details of his responsibilities, giving encouragement and guidance in the fulfilling of these duties. The advisors are directly responsible for the success of the crew and its elected officers. Through ongoing and advanced trainings, you become better able to provide the resources necessary to facilitate success in the crew. Specific duties are outlined below.


  • Fosters an environment with the crew that has a true sense of community, and that encourages everyone�s growth and responsibility to each other
  • Develops crew officers to lead�to plan, make decisions, and carry out a program of activities over an extended period
  • Encourage participation and support for the Venturing crew from the Chartered Organization, Associate Advisors, crew committee, parents, and other adults in the community
  • Upholds the standards and policies of the BSA
  • Provides the necessary framework for protecting members of the crew from abuse (two-deep leadership, etc.)
  • Ensure the activities are conducted within the BSA safety guidelines and requirements. Advisors should be trained by the BSA
  • Seek to cultivate within the members of a crew a capacity to enjoy life�to have fun through their Venturing experience

Assistant Advisor for Administration

  • Provide backup leadership for the Advisor and assume responsibility for the crew in his absence
  • Supports the youth administrative Vice-President and assists this person specifically with recruitment and recognition efforts
  • Knows the Advisors responsibilities and supports those responsibilities in whatever way possible
  • Helps encourage Venturing advancement and recognition; maintains advancement records, including the crew advancement chart; review advancement progress at each meeting. Also serves as an advocate for advancement programming

Assistant Advisor for Finance

  • associate advisorSupports the youth program Vice-President to help determine the interests of members, plan the year�s program, and ensure that the crew calendar is maintained
  • Supports and coaches the activity chairs to help them plan and carry out their particular activities
  • Helps the program Vice-President and other officers to evaluate completed activities and to continually fine-tune the year�s program of activities, based on insights gained from the evaluations.

Other Associate Advisors

"Some crews, particularly those with large membership or a unique program, may have a number of adults serving as associate advisors. Their responsibilities may include providing equipment and transportation, making parental contact, planning special activities and several projects, or helping with the superactivity. A crew may recruit as many associate advisors as it needs to carry out program plans." (Venturing Leader Manual, p. 24, italics added)

Crew Committee

The crew committee is an association of adults who provide support to the crew. They meet at least monthly to ensure that the crew: has a quality program; has an adequate number of trained adult leaders; and achieves the purposes of both the Chartered Organization and the Boy Scouts of America. They provide support through maintaining an inventory of resources (PCI); by securing equipment, facilities, and program resources; by reviewing and approving the crew�s program plans; and other duties as required to meet the needs of the crew officers and members.

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