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VENTURING ONLINE TRAINING Great Salt Lake Council Home Page GSLC Venturing Home Page Training Links Distict 26 Home Page Official BSA Venturing Material Great material for LDS units Great ideas Wealth of material, particularly on training

Venturing PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Venturing Leader Specific Training by John Clarkson
  • Venturing Leader Specific Training updated(03/20/2007) with Quest information and Sea Scout graphics by George Crowl
  • A Presentation for Churches by Brad Harris
  • A Presentation for LDS by Brad Harris
  • A Presentation for Scoutmasters by Brad Harris
  • Venturing, Scouting's Next Step by Bill Evans
  • Venturing Program by Cooper Wright
  • Risk Management by Cooper Wright
  • Venturing Commissioner Training by George Crowl
  • Venturing Awards including Quest information by George Crowl
  • Advancement by Dottie Brown
  • Venturing Awards Poster by Craig Murray (not on the USSSP site)
  • Communications by Dottie Brown
  • Conservation & Environmental Awareness by Dottie Brown
  • Duty to God by Dottie Brown
  • Ethical Controversies by Dottie Brown
  • Planning Crew Activities by Dottie Brown
  • Reflecting by Dottie Brown
  • Health and Safety by Rick Newton
  • Crew Organization & Leadership by Rick Newton
  • Recruiting and Retaining Adults by Rick Newton
  • Recruiting and Retaining Youth by Rick Newton
  • Training Plan by Rick Newton
  • Understanding and Protecting Youth by Rick Newton
  • A Duty to God and Scouting - for LDS Crews
  • The American Red Cross and Venturing by Donald May
  • Top Gun
  • Venturing - BSA by Andrew Myers
  • Venturing District and Council Administration by Greg Carstens & Amy Engler
  • What is Venturing
  • Venturing Leadership Skills Course This is a ZIP file, containing 9 PowerPoint presentations and 5 support documents (in MS Word), supplied by David C. Royster Advisor, Venturing Crew 13, Charlotte, NC. (168 KB)

For more information see:

Steve Deleeuw, Dist. 26 Venturing

Sample Skeleton Annual Plan (Adobe Document pdf)


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