One of the unique attributes of the Venturing program is the relationship between Venturers and the crew Advisor. The ability to work effectively with your adults as they themselves plan and run the program is a true test of leadership skills.

With the new Venturing program introduction on August 1, 1998, inclusion of the Venturing Advisor Award of Merit was a key program enhancement to recognize crew Advisors for tenure, training, and quality crew program.


  1. Be a currently registered Venturing Advisor who has served in that position for at least 18 months.
  2. Complete Venturing Fast Start and Venturing Advisor Basic Training.
  3. Achieve the Quality Unit Award at least once while serving as crew Advisor.
  4. Demonstrate the use of the Venturing Silver Award program.
  5. Develop youth leadership by effective use of crew officers.
  6. Use the crew officer orientation and program planning process.
  7. Have a proven positive relationship with the chartered organization and associated Boy Scout troop and Cub Scout pack, if any.
  8. Project a positive image of Venturing in the community.
  9. Attract and hold Venturers with crew program and operation.
  10. Lead crew in completion of the Venturing Leadership Skills Course.

Nomination Procedure

The crew president in conjunction with the crew officers nominates the Advisor. The nomination is approved by the crew committee chairman.

The nomination is then certified by the unit commissioner and submitted to the council service center.

The nomination is then approved by the Scout executive and council commissioner, who should then forward it to the Venturing Division.


A color certificate with the recipient's name will be returned to the council at no charge.


It is recommended that the award be presented in a timely manner at an appropriate district or council function. It is also recommended that the recipient be recognized appropriately in the council newsletter and in local newspapers.

Venturing Advisor Award of Merit Recommendation Form

Download a .PDF copy of the form to Recommend a Venturing Advisor for the Venturing Award of Merit (43 Kb).

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