Venturing is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who are 14 years of age OR 13 years of age and have completed the eighth grade and under 21 years of age.  In LDS units, this it the scouting group that the Priest Quorum participates in.

Venturing is a dynamic youth-lead program that can meets the maturity and high adventure needs of its members.  Venturing's purpose is to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults. 

Calendar Events:

Venturing Forum (roundtable) every second Thursday at 7:00 PM at the LDS Welby Building on 8385 South 4800 West. We are in the loft room on the East side of the building across from the Primary room.


Upcoming Forum (roundtable) topics:

Thursday, November 13th:
  • "How to:" Run a Crew recruiting Open House in your area
  • "Program Feature:" Tidbits with a side of Nuts and Bolts for Running a Scout Program (sometimes it's nice to hear everyone else's tricks!)
Thursday, December 11th:
  • "How to:" Recruit Parents and Ward Support for Venturing/Priests
  • "Program Feature:" Do Affordable: Biathlons, Council Ice Climbing and other Winter Activities that are great for Venturing/Priests

Venturing Advisor Fast-Start Training

Resources and Documents

Venture Awards Requirements

BSA National Venturing Page

Powerpoint for the new Venturing program

Venturing Basic Training powerpoint (modified with new recognition and LDS Compatibility)

Priest Quorum Responsibility Charts is an extended version for how to align the Quorum and Crew leadership.

Venturing guide for LDS Leaders is a PDF for Crews in LDS units. It was produced before the new Duty to God was introduced, so that section isn't quite as relevant, but the rest is excellent as a "fast start".

The tweaked "Program Compatibility Inventory" for knowing your resources in your ward. We use it every fall. It worked out well for our ward as it cut down on paper and general awkwardness of giving everyone their own paper. We sent around a copy of this to all the classes during third hour and then compiled them. All three of our scouting groups were then given a compiled list and used it to plan and pull-in ward consultants for activities throughout this year. It is a great way to involve other willing people and off load some from the advisors.

PDF of the previous Venturing Leader's manual. There is new material coming about the awards, but I love all the other sections of this manual. It has detailed 180 day plans for planning a high adventure and 25 ideas for Crew meeting based on the activity.

Venturing Forum Commissioner:

Josh Parry
Venturing Crew Advisor - 2998 - Park 4th Ward

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