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Rapelling will teach Scouts the basic skills used in mountain descending and proper equipment use. Participants may want to bring a pair of gloves. Other necessary equipment will be provided. Note: We now have a climbing wall available which can ease the pressure from the permanent rapelling tower. Pre-registration is required and teams will be given a time slot prior to the event.


Water always presents a challenge. Come have some fun around the water without getting 'too' wet. Test your abilities and skill at water activities while learning about safety too. Included this year, is a "water balloon launch" for distance & accuracy.


Come one, come all - bring your stump jumper and gather your strength because this is a mountain bike event that beats them all. This isn't just your everyday ride in the park - it's a ride that separates the men from the boys. The cruise begins with a safety hint (you will probably need it), then off you go - through the woods and across the stream. SPLASH!! You fell off the log! Try your hand at fire-building, darts and just enjoying the scenery. To top it off you will do a baseball bat chase and watch your team mates crash. When you finally hit the finish line, you will be instructed at a bike-tuning clinic. Teams are expected to furnish their own bicycles, helmets and bike locks. Gloves are recommended. NO MOTORBIKES ALLOWED. Bikes must stay on the cycle course (no cross-country free-lance stuff) or in approved bike areas. Bikes should be locked when not in use. Helmets are mandatory and must be supplied by participants.

RESOURCE: Cycling Merit Badge pamphlet, Cycling Venture pamphlet.


This event will give each team the opportunity to learn compass and mirror signaling skills that can be used in the national "Operation On 'Target" event. Each Varsity Scout will have the chance to operate a hand-held signaling mirror, which they will use to locate and signal at least three "On Target" mirror stations hidden in the surrounding mountains. Information on making mirrors for your team will also be available. Mirrors will be provided, but each team will need several compasses. If your team already has signaling mirrors, bring them along.

RESOURCE: Varsity "On Target" pamphlet.


The climbing wall teaches young men about different positions, the importance of safety, and how to scale a mountain side. The use of repelling gear will be demonstaerted and implimented while on the wall.


Two courts will be available. Play until you lose (30 minutes maximum per game). A skill drill practice area will also be available. This activity is to assist you in earning the Volleyball High Adventure program pin and Sports Merit Badge. Equipment will be furnished.

RESOURCE: Varsity Volleyball pamphlet.

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