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Come out, do some cooking and have some fun. all teams are invited. Lets find out which teams in the Great Salt Lake Council eat well. And remember anything that tastes good, tastes better cooked in a Dutch. So come on out and start cooking.

Dutch Oven Cookoff Information

Welcome to the annual Big Event Dutch Oven Cookoff. The purpose of this activity is to give Varsity Scouts an opportunity to show their Dutch Oven cooking skills and to learn from fellow Scouts. The Dutch Oven is the official cooking pot of Utah, so lets show everyone how the Pioneers cooked their meals.and have fun at the same time. We are including general information and cooking rules so that everyone is using the same game plan. So plan on lots of fun.

General Information:

We will be using the guidelines of the International Dutch Oven Society, so that you can see how other similar competitions are ran. The Cookoff will be held August 12, 2011, at East Fork of the Bear, BIG EVENT SITE. From 1:00PM - 4:45PM. There will be two cookoffs ran at the same time. The first will be for Varsity team boys only, and the second will be an open competition for Varsity leaders, Varsity boys, Varsity parents, or any combination of the above.

Schedule of Events

  • 1:00PM - 1:45PM, Registration check & Recipe turn in
  • 1::45PM -2:00PM, Cooks Meeting
  • 2:00PM - 4:45PM, Prepare & Cooking of dish
  • 4:45PM - 5:15PM, Judging of dish, Site cleanup
  • 5:15PM - 5:30PM, Return to Team Sites with your meal

    General Guidelines:

    1: Media Release: Your name, photograph, or recipe may be selected for use in various public media covering the event. Your entry in the Cookoff establishes your agreement for the release of same and their use by the Cookoff committee, the media, or the Great Salt Lake Council for the advancement of Dutch Oven cooking, and or Scouting.

    2: We Will Provide: Judges, a place to cook, and prizes. You will need to provide: your cooking gear, fire stand (all heat sources must be elevated at least 12" off the ground, NO EXCEPTIONS). There will be no electricity and the only heat source for cooking will be propane. If fire policy allows you may use briquettes as long as they meet the height requirement. Plan to bring your own garbage bags and container for used coals. Remember No Trace camping, you will be expected to carry out what you brought in. You will be expected to provide all your own items/food for participation. Grub boxes, tables, and such accessories are allowed, but should not intrude upon other contestants. You may want to use a cart or wheelbarrow to move your equipment to the cooking area. Cars will not be allowed in the area. We are encouraging the cooking teams to have at least two people, and not more than 4. If you have several boys that want to participate, have them form more than one team. All team members must be from the same Varsity Team, in the Varsity boys cookoff. All those participating will be expected to be in a authorized Scout uniform, and a current registered Varsity Scout, Leader, or Parent of a Varsity Scout.

    3: Judging: Entries will be judged on aroma, taste, cleanliness, cooking technique, dress, interaction with on lookers. Remember part of the reason for cookoffs is so we can pass our skills on to others. Roving field judges will be judging the preparation of your entry, techniques used, cleanliness, and how well each team works together.


    Upon presenting your entry at the judges table, contestants should give the name of the entry, a short comment about it, and be prepared to answer any questions asked by the judges. Then retire to your cooking area. After judging you may pick up your entry & return to the cooking area to finish cleaning up. Please be considerate of the others waiting to be judged. Their is no eating in the cooking area while the dishes are being prepared. The decisions on contestant scores are up to the judges and are final.

    4: Health Considerations: Since we will not be sharing samples with the public you will not be required to have a food handlers permit. However you will be expected to exercise the same care in the cleanliness of your food preparation, and cooking. Keep preparation area and utensils clean, use wash basin or wet wipes for hands, use good fire safety, use cooler for all perishables. Don't put oven lids on the ground. Everything about you, your recipe preparation, and cooking should be at your very best.

    Contestant Cooking Rules

    1. A copy of the recipe must be provided at the time you register, and accepted before you will be allowed to cook.
    2. Contestant teams should be at least two members, but not more than four. Only team members will be allowed inside the roped cooking area.
    3. You may use any size oven from a #10 to a #17 deep, to prepare your entry. You must present your entry to the judges in the oven or on the lid. You will be cooking and presenting two items, 1: A Main Dish & 2: A Dessert. However a pot of Campbells Pork & Beans will not score as high as an oven full of made from scratch Enchiladas.
    4. You will prepare all of your food at the cooking site and present all the food you cooked to the judges. You may not prepare food or cook ahead of time and then combine it with the rest of the items as you cook on site. The exception would be fruit used in cobblers or pies. If you have a question about a certain item, ask when you register.
    5. When time is called you will have TWO minutes to present your entry at the judges table. If you cannot or choose not to present your entry to the judges in the allotted time, the entry will not be judged. We will announce the winners at the evening campfire and you may pick up your score card after that if you would like it.

    Again we welcome everyone to enter this event and have a great time cooking. We hope you have fun and that you are better cooks for participating.

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