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Varsity Scout Program Youth Awards

Varsity Letter

By participating actively in all phases of the Varsity program you are entitled to receive the official Varsity Letter, and wear it on the Scout jacket and/or Merit badge sash. Requirements for earning the Letter follow:


  1. Be a registered Varsity Scout Team member.
  2. While a Varsity Scout actively participate in or accomplish:
    • Advance one rank toward Eagle, or be an Eagle Scout
    • High-adventure/sports activity
    • Service project
    • Special program or event
    • Personal development
      1. Leadership position or course
      2. Spiritual activity
      3. Citizenship activity
      4. Social or cultural activity
      5. Physical development activity
  3. Attendance - 75 percent or more attendance at Varsity Scout meetings.
  4. Know and live by the Scout Oath and Law.

Sports/Activity Pins

After you complete each Varsity Sport, you are eligible to wear a medallion attached to your letter that represents your completion of that activity. Medallions earned in a Venture activity may also be worn on this letter.
Currently, the following activities are recognized in the Varsity Sports and Venture "Ultimate Adventure" Program, and have pins available:


Backpacking Freestyle Biking Soccer
Basketball Frontiersman Softball
Bowling Mechanics Survival
Canoe Camping Orienteering Swimming

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Cross-Country Skiing Triathalon
Cycling Roller Hockey Volleyball
Discovering Adventure Shooting Sports Waterskiing
Fishing Snow Camping Whitewater Canoeing

There are no specific requirements for the various pins. Basically, a Scout must earn the LETTER, then complete the sport or "ultimate adventure" to get the pin.

Denali Award

The Denali Award is available to Varsity Scouts who have already earned the Varsity Scout letter, and who complete the following six requirements:


  1. Be registered as a Varsity Scout.
  2. While a Varsity Scout advance one rank toward Eagle, or earn an Eagle Palm.
  3. Hold a Varsity Scout leadership position for at least six months.
  4. (a) While a Varsity Scout serve as a leader of an activity in two of the five fields of emphasis.
    (b) While a Varsity Scout participate in an activity in the remaining three fields of emphasis.
  5. Satisfy to the team captain that you know and live the Varsity Scout Pledge.
  6. Complete a board of review by the team committee with a district/council representative.

Adult Varsity Awards

Varsity Scout Leader's Letter(No Knot for this award)


  1. Complete Varsity Scout Leader Fast Start training.
  2. Complete Varsity Scout Leader Fundamentals training.
  • Complete a minimum of six months as a registered Varsity Scout leader.
Huddle Attendance
  • Attend a minimum of six Varsity Scout Leader Huddles.


Varsity Scout Leader's Training Award

  Scouter Training Award


  • Complete Varsity Scout Leader Fast Start training and three-part Varsity Scout Leader Fundamentals


  • Complete a total of 2 years as a registered adult Varsity Scout leader.

Performance Do any five of the following:

  1. Participate in a team leader seminar.
  2. Help with two annual unit and/or district Friends of Scouting enrollments
  3. Serve as a Varsity Scout program instructor or training course staff member.
  4. Participate actively in three team parents' nights or courts of honor
  5. Coordinate at least one team money-earning project.
  6. Serve for at least one year as team committee person assigned to one of the five program fields of emphasis.
  7. Participate in six Varsity Scout leader huddles.
  8. Serve as an approved merit badge counselor for at least five Varsity Scouts.
  9. Serve for at least one year as chairman of a Varsity Scout team committee.
  10. Serve for at least one year on the Varsity Scout huddle staff.
  11. Help organize or reorganize a Varsity Scout team.


Varsity Scout Coach's Key

  Varsity Key


  1. Complete Varsity Scout Fast Start Training.
  2. Complete Three-part-Varsity Scout Leader Fundamentals:
    • Part I - What Varsity Scouting Is
    • Part II - Varsity Scout Program
    • Part III - Varsity Scouting and the Outdoors
  3. Conduct youth leader introduction to leadership training twice.
  4. Participate twice in a team leader seminar.
  5. Participate in one training course beyond Varsity Scout Leader Fundamentals (local council or national level experience).
  6. Earn the Varsity Scout Leader Training Award.
  7. Attend at least six Varsity Scout Leader Huddles during each year for three years.


  • Complete at least three years of tenure registered as a Varsity Scout Coach within a 5 year period.


  • At least twice during the three-year period, serve as Coach of a Varsity Scout team that earns the National Quality Unit Award.



Varsity Scout Embers Awards

Gold Embers Award Scorecard

Silver Embers Award Scorecard


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