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is not Boy Scouting.  It's high adventure!

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Varsity Scout Pledge

As a Varsity Scout I will:
Live by the Scout Oath, Law, motto, and slogan;
Honor the dignity and worth Of all persons;
Promote the cause of freedom;
and Do my best to be a good team member.

Varsity Scouting is a program of the Boy Scouts of America for youth ages 14 through 17. It was developed as a way to keep older boys challenged physically and mentally. Varsity Scouting is now a time-honored program chosen by many chartered organizations for youths who are ready for new experiences and responsibilities. Varsity Scouting forms a bond between Scouting principles and the values and objectives of individual chartered organizations. The Varsity Scout team focuses on five program fields of emphasis.

  • Advancement. Varsity Scouts use the same advancement program as Boy Scouts. They can also earn their varsity letter, sport/activity pins, and the Denali Award.
  • High Adventure/Sports. This program field of emphasis includes high adventure and sports and is supported by 27 program features.
  • Service The emphasis is on service, until it becomes a constant ingredient in one's daily experience. Projects are conceived, planned, managed, and carried out by individual Varsity Scouts and/or the Varsity Scout team.
  • Personal Development Varsity Scouting promotes growth through spirituality, leadership abilities, citizenship, social and cultural attributes, and physical fitness.
  • Special Programs and Events Varsity Scouts take an active part in special programs and events on district, council, regional, and national levels.

The values and principles of the Boy Scouts of America are present in Varsity Scouting, including advancement that moves young men along the path to the Eagle Scout rank. Since the program is designed specifically for young men, it's enhanced with more challenging leadership positions, with emphasis high adventure, personal development, service, advancement, and special programs and events.

The Varsity Scouting unit is called a TEAM, and the adult leader is the COACH.

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