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Adult Training

Every Boy Deserves a Trained Leader and Every Leader Deserves to be Trained.

What Makes a Trained Leader?

A direct contact Scout leader is considered fully trained and entitled to wear the Trained leader emblem when he or she has completed the following training courses and the specific training for the position:

Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection training is required for all leaders. At all times, youth safety is the number one priority. At the same time, adults need to know the rules for keeping themselves safe, too. Comprehensive Youth Protection training teaches all the do’s and don’ts of working with youth.  This training is available online through the eLearning portion at www.myscouting.org.

Leader Specific Training

Leader position specific training is based on the leader’s position. These courses are taught by informed trainers who know how to engage groups and make learning fun. These courses are offered by the district or council as group training, or may be done as small groups or by personal coaching.


Training Manuals



eLearning at Myscouting.org

Most of your training resources are found online at www.myscouting.org


Everyone Should go to Wood Badge

Wood Badge is the advanced training program for all Scouters involved in the BSA programs. Wood  Badge consists of two parts. The first part reflects unit meetings, while the second part of the course uses a unit camping activity as its delivery method.

The primary purpose of the Wood Badge experience is to strengthen Scouting in our units, districts, and local councils. The Wood Badge Ticket represents the participant's commitment to complete a set of personal goals relating to that individual's Scouting position.

Upon completion of the Wood Badge Ticket as certified by a ticket counselor and the Scout Executive, the participant will be presented with the Wood Badge certificate, neckerchief, woggle, and beads at an appropriate public ceremony.

Click here for more information from the Great Salt Lake Council Wood Badge Association.

Youth Training

National Youth Leadership Training - Silver Moccasin

National Youth Leadership Training is an exciting, action-packed program designed to provide Boy Scouts with leadership skills and experience they can use in their home troops and in other situations demanding leadership of self and others.

Varsity On Belay!

Varsity On-Belay! is a week of fun-filled exciting days of high adventure.  Program skills are taught and applied in the setting of Varsity Scout activities. Youth are instructed in how to utilize the resources and tools available to Varsity Scouts.

Kodiak Leadership Training

Kodiak is the Venturing youth leadership course offered in an exciting and challenging atmosphere using high-adventure resources. This course will offer outdoor wilderness activities like backpacking, climbing, GPS courses, shooting sports, etc.
Participants will enhance their leadership skills through the five Kodiak Leadership Commissions taught completely in nature’s workshop of the great outdoors.

Powder Horn Leadership Training

Powder Horn is designed to help units safely conduct outdoor activities of a fun and challenging nature. It provides an introduction to the resources needed to successfully incorporate a program of outdoor adventure.


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