Teton High Adventure Base Camp Program

Participants in the base camp programs stay at Teton High Adventure Base base camp located at 11750 S Highway 89, Jackson, WY.

ELIGIBILITY:   Base camp programs are open to registered Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venturers who are at least 13 years old by September 1 of the year attending, and their leaders.

HOUSING:   Participants sleep either in bunkhouses (12 people) or in canvas tents (with the floor, not wall tents).  Housing is assigned on arrival and based on the needs of the camp.

MEALS:   All meals are provided at the Teton HAB dining hall. 

SCHEDULE:   Teton HAB base camp programs operate two three-day sessions each week.  First session participants arrive Monday morning and depart Wednesday evening after dinner.  Second session participants arrive Wednesday evening after dinner and depart on Saturday after lunch. 

A LA CARTE PRICING:    Teton HAB participants pay a base camp fee which includes housing and meals.  Participant, then, pay only for the activities in which they participate.  This allows a unit the freedom to do some activities in the Jackson area outside of the scheduled camp program.

PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS:   All participants must present the annual BSA medical form signed by a healthcare provider upon arrival at camp certifying their fitness to participate in high adventure programs.  All participants in river activities must have successfully completed a BSA swim check and have knowledge of basic canoeing skills consistent with the Canoeing Merit Badge.  We reserve the right to refuse participation to those, who in our best judgment, present an unacceptable risk to themselves or the group because of their inability to meet the essential eligibility criteria.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE:   When you register, you will be required to pay a $100 per group non-refundable, non-transferable deposit.  On March 1, a payment of 50% of the total cost will be due.  On May 1, the balance is due.  Please note that the deposit is applied to your final payment.   Please review our refund policy before making your reservation.  If you are registering more than 50 people, a 25% of total fees deposit is required.  This deposit is NonRefundable.

Reservations begin October 1.

CREATING YOUR PROGRAM SCHEDULE:  The base camp program provides five activity periods.  Half-day activities require one activity period.  Full day activities require two activity periods.  You may choose to schedule a combination of full-day and half-day activities to fill all five periods or you may choose to leave one or more periods open to pursue unit activities in the Jackson area.  When you have selected your activities, you will enter them online in your reservation record.  Actual activity times will be assigned upon arrival at Teton High Adventure Base.


Base Program Activities
Downhill Mountain Biking (H)
Instructional Kayaking (H)

(F) - Full Day

(H) - Half Day





 Full Day Options

COPE High Course [$25]
Project COPE is an acronym for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. It comprises a series of outdoor challenges, beginning with basic group initiative games and progressing to more complicated low-course and high- course activities. Some of these events involve a group effort, whereas others test individual skills and agility. Participants climb, swing, balance, jump, and rappel as well as think through solutions to a variety of challenges. Includes high-wire challenges and a 500-foot zip line!
Wilson Canoe Trip [$25]W
The Wilson Canoe Trip covers a 20-mile stretch of the Snake River from Wilson Bridge downstream to the Teton High Adventure Base. This section of river gives you the full spectrum of river canoeing. It has has everything from calm Class I sections to braided, technical, channels with obstacles to some great chances at hitting some Class II whitewater waves. Lunch is provided on the river.

Since most participants will end up in the water during this trip, you must be able to swim and lift yourself back into your canoe in moving water. Participants should have good canoeing skills, be able to follow verbal directions and meet the physical restriction guidelines. Height/weight guidelines apply to this trip. Depending on river conditions, some allowances may be made at the discretion of the river manager.
Mountain Biking [$15] 
Explore the backcountry of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. This isn't roadside joyriding. Trails are moderately challenging. (This is a high adventure base, after all). Helmets, bikes, and water bottles are provided. Bring your own adrenaline! Space is limited, so sign up early.
Half-Day Options  
COPE Low Course [$15]
Although better suited for a full day, this event can give groups a taste of what COPE challenges are all about. A half day on the course will teach youth about leadership, problem solving and teamwork by presenting them with various situational challenges. It is like an outdoor brian-teaser, teamwork-builder, and ropes course all rolled into one.  This activity includes ground and low course event activities, not high-wire events or zip line.
King Canoe Trip [$15]
This trip navigates 9 miles of the Snake River from the Teton High Adventure Base downstream to Elbow boat ramp. The upper Snake River Canyon and includes some calm Class 1 sections and some challenging Class II+ whitewater sections perfect for canoes. You will have a great chance at seeing a bald eagle and getting wet. It requires good canoeing skills and the ability to follow the verbal directions of the lead guide.

Since most participants will end up in the water during this trip, you must be able to swim and lift yourself back into your canoe in moving water. Due to government restrictions, we are not permitted to have rafts on this section of the river.  Those who cannot meet the physical guidelines will not be able to participate. This trip operated under a permit from the US Forest Service, Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Whitewater Rafting [$50]
This renowed 8-mile whitewater rafting trip is the famous and popular ride that put Jackson Hole on the map. You travel deep into the lower canyon of the Snake River from West Table downstream to Sheep Gulch. You encounter famed rapids like Lunchcounter and Big Kahuna. Paddle hard and hold on.

Teton Park Scenic Rafting [$15]
Cameras and sunscreen are a must. Spend a half day on a scenic trip and float the winding Snake River though the Grand Teton National Park. You'll have many photo opportunities at the base of the majestic Teton Mountain Range and the best chance of seeing wild life like bison, moose, elk, and bald eagles.
  Pistol Shooting or Shotgun Shooting [$20 Pistol/$25 Shotgun]
How the west was won! Travel in your own vehicles to the Jackson Gun Club (about 8 miles away) where our NRA-certified instructor will guide your group through pistol safety instruction, shooting, and challenges. Test your shooting skills with our Ruger .22-caliber single/six shot revolvers or our 12-gauge shotguns at the Jackson Hole Gun Club. 

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