D2-Stone CreekStone Creek District Roster

 Stone Creek District Roster

District Executive: Rich Hawkes
District Chairman: Steve Terry
District Commissioner:  
Assistant District Commissioner, Roundtable: Leon Thurgood
Cub Scout Coordinator:
Roundtable Commissioner, Cub Scouts:
Judy Martin
Boy Scout Co-Coordinators:
Roundtable Commissioners, Boy Scouts:
Rob Freeze / Dennis Dixon
Varsity Scout Coordinator:
Roundtable Commissioner, Varsity Scouts:
Wally Scott
Venture Scout Coordinator:
Roundtable Commissioner, Venturing:
Milt Russon
Order Of The Arrow Advisor: Bob Tanner
Advancement Chairman:

Jim Fackerell

Camping Chairman:

Greg Scholes

Training Chairman:

Matthew Asmus

Programs and Service Chairman:


Scout-O-Rama Chairman:


Scouting For Food Chairmen:

Finance Chairman:


Friends Of Scouting Chairman:

Aubrey Guynn

Popcorn Chairman:


Relationships Chairman:

President Randy Farrell

Zone Commissioner, Bountiful Stake:

Scott DeWaal

Zone Commissioner, Bountiful Central Stake:

Mike Verkler

Zone Commissioner, Bountiful Heights Stake:

Shea Smoot

Zone Commissioner, Bountiful North Stake:

Dennis Thompson

Zone Commissioner, Bountiful South Stake:

Bert Johnson

Zone Commissioner, Bountiful East Stake:

Kevin Moon

Zone Commissioner, Mueller Park Stake:

Andy Larsen

Zone Commissioner, North Canyon Stake:


Zone Commissioner, Community:

Phil Davis

LDS Relations, Bountiful Stake:

President Shane Rydalch

LDS Relations, Bountiful Central Stake:

President Blake Murdock

LDS Relations, Bountiful Heights Stake:

President Dan Lake

LDS Relations, Bountiful North Stake:

President Randy Farrell

LDS Relations, Bountiful South Stake:

President Bret Morgan

LDS Relations, Bountiful East Stake:

President Jerry Sandorf

LDS Relations, Mueller Park Stake:

President Kevin Martin

LDS Relations, North Canyon Stake:

President Steven Nielsen



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