The Boy Scouts of the Great Salt Lake Council
Join the Effort to Reduce the Threat of West Nile Virus

Boy Scout West Nile Virus Service Project


1. Provide the opportunity for Scout age boys (11-14 yrs.) of the Great Salt Lake Council to participate in a Community Public Health Service Project.

2. Provide the opportunity for boys to interact with adults by educating homeowners about West Nile Virus.

3. Reduce the number of mosquito sources and thus the potential for human cases of West Nile Virus.

4. Project to take place during the months of June, July, or August.


1. About a week before the project, Scouts should produce and deliver an introductory letter to the homes concerning the intent of the project and dates they will be doing yard inspections (the months of June, July, or August would be best).

2. On the intended dates, Scouts divide into teams of two and visit the homes.

3. Scouts will educate the homeowners concerning possible yard mosquito sources and West Nile Virus using the �Know the Sources� handout and �West Nile Virus� information sheet.

4. Scouts will offer their service to inspect yard, looking for mosquito sources, accompanied by homeowners and with their permission.

5. Thank homeowners when finished. Using the �Know the Sources� handout, indicate any sources they found, ask homeowner to be aware of any water sources for the remainder of the summer. Ask homeowner to contact the Mosquito Abatement for fish if they have an ornamental pond, (801) 255-4651.

6. Scouts may receive a recognition award (patch) for their participation. Contact Boyd Wenerstrom at the above number or boyd for information.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Public Health merit badge, Eagle projects, repeat project in future summers, or employment possibilities at the Mosquito Abatement for interested boys age 17 or older.


Caution: Boys should not climb ladders to look into rain gutters or to be on roof tops! Homeowners should be asked to check these areas.

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