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Upcoming Boy Scout Events & Activities

  • Centennial Jamboral, Celebrating 100 years of Scouting in Utah, Sept. 27-28, 2013, Deseret Peak Complex, Tooele, the cost is $15 per person (overnight for Scouts, Webelos, leaders & parents)/$7 for Cub Scouts (or day-only participation for leaders & parents). Click here to register, Scoutmasters who register their Troop early will receive a centennial pin

 Boy Scout Announcements

  • This month's Roundtable theme is Pioneering
  • Every leader should be familiar with and have a copy of the BSA's Guide to Safe Scouting. Leaders can access the guide on the BSA's official website and download a PDF copy (click here)
  • Please be aware of the new BSA Tour & Activity Plan, click here to learn more and download the form.
  • "When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!," It's springtime and our Scouts are out and about more, living in Utah the weather can change in an instant. As leaders please pay attention to the weather and keep yourself and your Scouts safe, click here to read about tips to lightning risk reduction.

Roundtable Recap - September 2013

We're getting excited about the upcoming celebrations regarding the centennial anniversary of Scouting in Utah.  From the council Jamboral to the exhibits at the LDS Church Museums downtown, there's great opportunities to share this celebration with the youth.
First, we want to briefly mention our roundtable theme for the month of September: Athletics.  This should include incorporating physical activities into your regular meetings, such as cycling, swimming, skating (ice and in-line), hiking, sports, athletics, snow sports and many other non-traditional sports.  Remember, there are new Scouting policies relating to height and weight and our activities can help encourage greater physical activity and improve overall health and well-being.  Don't forget to also get your annual physical examinations for your unit members.  These are not only required for long-term camps but before starting the Personal Fitness merit badge.
Also, athletics is about preparation for the sports: rules, stretching, proper equipment, having fun, etc.  Often times, non-traditional sports can be more inclusive.  Challenge your youth to create their own games, or find ways to change up the regular b-ball game (like playing one-handed).  Sports like Frisbee golf, nerf football, dodge ball, or create your own heptathlon, will be fun and get their heart rates going.  Don't spend your whole meeting doing the activity, leave them wanting for more.
Centennial of Scouting in Utah Events:
- Council Jamboral, September 27-28 at the Deseret Peak Complex.  Register before 9/19 to avoid an additional $3 late fee.  A detailed schedule of events is included at the end of this email.  You can register by clicking HERE.
- Two LDS Church History Museum exhibits now through December 31, more info HERE.
American Originals: Norman Rockwell & Scouting
A Good Turn Daily:  100 Years of Scouting and the Aaronic Priesthood
- 100th Anniversary Commemoration, October 29, LDS Church broadcast.
If we don't see you at the Jamboral, we look forward to seeing you next month at roundtable.  And please spread the word about the new location at 5000 W Pavant Ave.

Roundtable Recap - May 2013

Wow, summer is almost here - what happened to springtime?  I do know that we had a great district Spring Camporee and hope that you are now very involved in planning for your week-long summer camp.  We're very glad that so many of you take the time to regularly camp with your troops.  Regardless of where you go, that time together provides so many growth and learning opportunities that just don't come on a Wednesday night in a church meeting house.  Thank you for keeping the 'outing' in Scouting!

We had over 400 Scouts at our spring camporee and had a great time.  We want to thank all of the leaders that helped staff our events and volunteered their time to bring their troops to our camp.  And also thank several individuals who donated resources for our activities.  Of particular note, is David Beck of Beck Leather.  He made a generous donation of leather and beads for our event.  We will be contacting those troops that didn't get patches at the event as soon as they arrive.

Also since our last meeting, the council hosted the annual Scout-o-rama.  If you missed the expo, you missed out on some fun activities and great additions.  There were two climbing walls and the National Guard brought in two zip lines!  I enjoyed taking my family and the kids had a blast.  It was pretty crowded and everyone appeared to be having a great time.

Our roundtable theme this month is Special Cooking - meaning anything different than just cooking on a stove.  It was, by far, our tastiest roundtable of the year!  Some of you may be more experienced than others with dutch ovens or cooking in foil, but it shouldn't be too intimidating to give it a go.  Trial and error isn't so bad when the mistakes are (mostly) edible!

We're very grateful for those volunteers that showed us their favorites and some of their experiments with cooking in dutch ovens, fruit-filled coconuts in tinfoil, and reflector oven delights.  In my experience, the boys are much more interested in cooking in these non-traditional ways than just on a camp stove.  Don't miss the opportunity to engage them by doing some of your own experimenting.  There are lots of great recipes and suggestions online.  Review some of them with your troop and try it out on your next camp.

The district Merit Badge Fair is coming up in just 2 weeks on Saturday, June 1 (8am-3pm).  There are many different merit badge courses being taught, most with prerequisites.  Please register online and review the prereq's with your boys.  Also, we've had 3 counselors that had conflicts arise and can no longer help us at the fair.  We're looking for counselors that could teach cycling, environmental science and automotive maintenance merit badges.  If you can help or know someone that might be available, please contact Steven Bryan (801-201-6855, or Lloyd Steele (801-966-7899,

Click Here to Register

Next month will be the final roundtable meeting before taking July and August off for the busy summer months. Please note that the Cub Scouts will still have their meetings on the second Thursday of the month (7/11 and 8/8).

See you next month!


Roundtable Recap - April 2013

As we continue the integration of the old districts into the new Oquirrh Mountain District (#6), I'm very impressed by the effort and quality of our Scouting volunteers.  From the district staff to the brand-new Scoutmaster or Den Leader, your dedication and willingness to serve is making a wonderful difference.  Scouting demonstrates the impact a value-based organization can have on a community and the lives of young men.  Thank you.
Our roundtable theme this month is Youth Leader Training.  In essence, this is what Scouting is all about.  Even though we sometimes think it is just for our SPL or PL, being effective leaders is what we hope for all of our Scouts.  Leader training should happen at all of our activities and outings.  Please don't let any opportunity pass where you can help the boys learn leadership skills.  Make sure you know the Patrol Method and coach your youth to learn to use this organization tool to practice leadership.
There are also more formal opportunities for training.  Each Scoutmaster and SPL is tasked with Troop Leadership Training (TLT).  Simple materials are available for conducting this training.  It's purpose is to make sure every boy has a position of responsibility and that he knows his duties and expectations.  Every scout should have a position, whether it's Chaplain Aide or PL, and make sure they know what's expected.  Help them set goals specific to their position and the needs of the troops.  You may purchase the materials at the Scout Shop or download them here:
The council also offers the Silver Moccasin week-long course at the Hinckley Scout Ranch.  This is the national level youth leader training or NYLT.  This course is structured very similarly to wood badge and challenges the young men to learn important life skills in leadership.  We had two young men speak about their experiences with Silver Moccasin, both as participants and then later as staff.  They gave strong testimony of how it helped them grow and develop.  Please encourage your scouts to attend one of the sessions this summer.  As a former Scoutmaster, nothing made my job easier than having my SPL and PLs complete this training prior to our summer camp.  It empowers the young men to lead by example and with experience in the Patrol Method.
Johnny Hays also took a minute to re-introduce our district website.  We are adding more and more every day and are always open to feedback.  Find it here:
Lastly, Mike is looking for volunteers to help him with roundtable next month on May 9.  Our theme will be non-traditional cooking and he would like help with demonstrating cooking methods other than over a stove.  If you have ideas and can help, please contact him at or 801-835-2396.  This is the tastiest theme we'll have all year!
Important Upcoming Events:
Basic Leader Training this Saturday, April 20, from 8:00 am - 12:30 pm.  We are meeting in the same LDS ward house that we use for roundtable (4195 S 6000 W).  For important additional details and registration:
Mountain Man Rendezvous Spring Camporee at Ft. Buenaventura (Ogden) on April 26-27.  Registration should be done online and please complete the toten' chit training with your unit prior to coming to camp (we will be doing it there as well, but it will save you time).  Hurry, today is the last day to avoid the late fee!
District Merit Badge Fair on June 1.  Please register early to get the classes you want - space is limited. Also, review the prerequisites with your youth.  Most MB's require work completed in advance of the fair that must be brought and reviewed with the counselor.  Participants will need to bring their own pen and paper and blue cards (worksheets will not be provided, but you may find them on the internet and print them out).
Other Dates to Note:
April 27 - Webelos Outdoor Training
May 4 - Scout-O-Rama at South Towne Expo
May 9 - Roundtable
June 10-15 - Silver Moccasin NYLT Course #1
June 13 - Roundtable
June 17-22 - Silver Moccasin NYLT Course #2
June 24-29 - Silver Moccasin NYLT Course #3
July 1-6 - Kokiak Training
July 1-6 - Silver Moccasin NYLT Course #4
Sept 27-28 - Utah Scouting Centennial Jamboral

Roundtable Recap - March 2013

My recap is a little late this month but hopefully still full of useful information.  As a new district, we're slowly proceeding through the merger of district staffs and volunteers.  There will be many of the same faces but some will be in different positions.  Fortunately, we all share the same convictions of the benefits of the Scouting program.  The new district website is currently being reworked and finalized and will soon be up-to-date.  We'll be sending out more info and links via email as things solidify.
Since our last meeting, both of the old districts held recognition dinners.  Both were enjoyable evenings recognizing some of the great volunteers in our area.  This years District Award of Merit recipients are: 
District 10: Norman L. Allred, L. Bradley Burton, S. Scott Crowford, Victor H. Diaz, Johnny Hayes, Adam G. Hunt, James L. Kelley, Celeste K. Nelson, Paul Stanley and Christine Young. 
District 13: Steven Bryan, Stacy Harr, Julia Higginson, Craig Lewis, Bruce Nelson, Richard Stanley, Lyle R. Stevens, Robert Vaughn
In addition, Jared Elwood (D13), Johnny Hayes (D10) and Shawn Richards (D10) all received the council's highest recognition, the Silver Beaver Award.  It's awesome to think that these great volunteers and the rest of you, are now in the new Oquirrh Mountain District.  Thank you to everyone for the great things you're doing and the time you give to the youth. 
As a new district, we're in search of a new logo.  We're holding a contest to pick a design from either a youth or adult volunteer from our district.  Please submit your design entry to a member of the Key 3 no later than roundtable on April 11th.
Scout-o-rama ticket sales are off and going and we encourage all units to take advantage of this opportunity.  If you do not already have youth selling in your area they may contact Trudie Kessler at the council office to get tickets (801-582-3663).
March is also busy because of the annual Scouting For Food Drive that happens statewide tomorrow morning starting at 9am.  Hopefully, bags have already been distributed in your area and we look forward to seeing the Boy Scout troops bring in the donations to the LDS Hunter Stake Center at 3737 S 5600 W.  Please approach from the south and turn in to the south entrance and leave from the north.  Please do not try to turn left into the church from southbound 5600 W.  It will be a very congested and busy time so please be prepared to quickly unload your donations.  Also, please have ready a total of youth and adults that participated.  This includes the youth that distributed the bags.  We don't need to know how many items were collected.
Our Spring Camporee is nearing quickly and we invite all troops, teams and crews to join us at Ft. Buenaventura in Ogden for a Mountainman Rendezvous style camp on April 26-27.  We have activities planned for Friday evening and Saturday morning until noon.  Registration should be done in advance online and costs $7 each for all participants.  Please see the attached pdf for more details and go online here to register:
The District Merit Badge Fair (MBF) will be held on June 1 at the LDS Church at 3963 S Peachwood Dr.  Registration will be done online beginning in April (we'll send out a notice).  All required MBs and many elective MBs will be taught.  Several will have prerequisites that are required to be completed prior to the MBF.  Classes will be 1 or 2 hour blocks and registration cost is $5 per scout.  Classes have size restrictions so register early to ensure availability.
Whew!  Lots going on I haven't even mentioned our roundtable theme of Forestry.  While there is a merit badge specifically for forestry, there are many related MBs to think about as well:  Bird Study, Mammal Study, Fish & Wildlife Management, Nature, Soil & Water Conservation and Woodwork.  Of course there are also other rank advancement requirements, Leave No Trace principles, Outdoor Code that also relate to forests, nature and the outdoors.  There are other recognitions that can be earned as well that includes the World Conservation Award, William T. Hornaday Award, Leave No Trace Award.  Requirements can be found here under the special opportunities list:
We have many National Forests nearby and other great resources to help us teach these important principles of wise stewardship and conservation.  Lots of literature is available at local libraries or by contacting state and federal agencies such as the National Forest Service, BLM, Utah DWS.  Most importantly, these things cannot be effectively taught in a classroom.  Please take advantage of every outing and camping trip to discuss some of these points.  Hopefully, they'll learn many of them just by the example we set as leaders in our stewardships.

Roundtable Recap - February 2013

This year is already off to a roaring start.  As a new combined Oquirrh Mountain District, we're enjoying the new faces and additions at roundtable.  It was unfortunate timing to have roundtable evening fall on Valentine's Day and we certainly understand that many of you were not able to attend.

The theme for February is Physical Fitness.  Even though there's specifically a required merit badge for Personal Fitness, many merit badges and rank requirements involve physical activity.  We also need to remember that having everyone participate includes the leaders!  The days of diet and exercise are past, it really needs to be a life commitment (change bad habits for good ones).

Other ideas included making sure you had aerobic activities at weekly meetings that included everyone.  Find creative competitions in addition to classic sports.  Often times basketball isn't liked by everyone and those skill sports can be intimidating, but something like dodgeball can get everyone moving.  Crossover activities like the Wii can also get everyone up and moving.

Lastly, it's also a good reminder to start collecting those BSA physicals for summer camp.

We will be sending out a flyer in the next week or so about the Spring Camporee with information for online registration.  We also are announcing a design competition for the new district logo.  This is open to all Scouters, young and old, to create a new logo that represents us in the Oquirrh Mountain District.  We will use this for our publications and patches and hope to see some great design ideas, especially from the youth.  Entries need to be received before the camporee at the end of April.  Hard copy drawings are fine or electronic files (preferably .pdf or .jpg) will be accepted.

Thank you for everything you do.  You can make an important difference in the lives of the youth you serve.


If you have a question, comment or suggestions, please E-mail: Great Salt Lake Council

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