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Key 3 Statement of Support - Health and Safety

2015 Safety Spotlights

February Spotlight - Aquatics Safety

January Spotlight - Axe, Cannon, Gun, Hatchet, and Knife Use


2014 Safety Spotlights

December Spotlight - Winter Transportation Safety

October Spotlight - Winter Sports Safety

September Spotlight - Be Disaster Aware

June Spotlight - Heat Induced Risk

May Spotlight - Lost Youth Prevention

April Spotlight - Planning Safe Activities

March Spotlight - Shooting Sports Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

February Spotlight - Climbing, Rappelling, Ice Climbing/Mountaineering and Technical Canyoneering

January Spotlight - Healthy Living


2013 Safety Spotlights

JANUARY - Climbing, Rappelling and Technical Canyoneering

FEBRUARY - Shooting Sports and Firearms Safety and Training

MARCH - Incident Reporting

APRIL - Biking, Cycling

MAY - Lightning Risk Reduction

The Risk Zone: Transporting Scouts Safely

SEPTEMBER - The Buddy System

OCTOBER - Winter Sports & Ice Safety

NOVEMBER - Age-Appropriate Guidelines and Unauthorized or Restricted Activities

DECEMBER - Overview & Unit Leader Insurance Coverage

2012 Safety Spotlights

Transportation Guidelines & Vehicle Safety

Climbing, Rappelling, Canyoneering

Swimming & Boating Safety

Lightning Risk Reduction

Heat Safety

Shooting Sports & Firearms

Unauthorized and Restricted Activities

Winter Sports Safety

Other Safety Resources


 Guide to Safe Scouting

Guidelines and Policies of the BSA

Campout Safety Checklist

The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety (English)

The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety (En Espanol)

**Tour and Activity Plan Letter to Sponsoring Organizations**

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