Next Basic Training is in September. Please come if you have not been trained.

  • Encourage all COR's, Venture, Varsity and Scout leaders. It is imperative that you become trained. Four hours is not all that bad.


Thanked us for getting our rechartering done. The next one will be faster because much of it will be online.

The District has patches for Klondike Derby if you attended and did not receive it. Please let Aaron Johnson.

On Belay is a 14 yr or older training and adventure camp.  To be held at Hinckley Scout Ranch (East Fork).

Varsity Vision course to be held April 25 and 26th. GSL Council. Will replace Basic Training for Varsity Coach. Check it out on the GSL Council web site.

Woodbadge training in Spring, Summer or Fall. Check out online for dates.

Fitness Center on 1500 North and Main is available for free for physical fitness needs for boys and leaders. Can get the physical fitness merit badge.

Not too late for boys to sell (Scout o rama) Scouting Expo tickets. For May 17th The boys get 20% back on all ticket sales. IHOP has a schedule to allow boys to sell for two hours at a time. Call them. Friday 11th is the first one. May 2nd and 3rd is the next available time. The commission dollars will be sent in June. Great for Cubs, but scout can do so as well.

Next month's Roundtable will include an expert on Venture Crews. Richard Jackson from the District.

Venture scouting is foundering in our district and this will be a good opportunity to kickstart it and help us make a difference.

Insurance coverage. If you are a registered leader, BSA coverage is your primary coverage. Auto or camp related, it is the same. District events; Camporee etc you are covered IF your name is on the list. When you go shooting, you need a certified range and a certified range master. If you don't, then you are not covered by the BSA or the Church. If you want to do shooting on private property, then fill out the paperwork with the District and become certified. A list of certified ranges can be found online.

Website. The Stone Creek District has a website. It is still being developed. Calendar items will be updated and will hopefully be helpful. Many items were discussed as to what will be on it. Events such as rechartering, expo, camporee, training dates, good overnight camping sites, week long camp sites, etc. will be included. If you have things you'd like to see on the District website, please contact (Jason)

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