Need to find a place to take your Scouts camping, hiking, backpacking or canoeing? Below are some lists to help you find the perfect spot.

 Camping sites within reach of our district. Over 40 troop tested campsites arranged by season of the year.
16 plus adventure hiking routes in our area.
Good Backpacking options within reach of our district
500 miles of scout canoeable waters within reasonable driving range.
Camping locations
Camping spots
High adventure camps (long term)
Mt. Timpanogos hike

Other Helps

Safety Resources for Scouting
Orienteering skills
Orienteering Pace Calculator
Introduction to Geocaching for Scouters

Good resources for winter camping

Winter Camping - What to take, how to dress, how to sleep and much more!
Klondike Sled Plans - 2 plans for making a Klondike sled
Simplified Klondike Sled Plans
Outdoor Action Guide to Winter Camping - A very informative document created by the Princeton University Outdoor Action Program. It's quite lengthy (29 pages) but worth it.

Rechartering Helps

Rechartering Tool - Online Rechartering - Requires Internet Explorer version 6.0 of later

Rechartering: Keys to Success - created by Mike Seawright, District Commissioner
Powerpoint version - 13 mb file
PDF version - 8 mb file

Associating Member ID to MyScouting
Finding BSA Member IDs
Rechartering Current Member Status
Rechartering - Member in Multiple Units
Rechartering - 2 Page Help
Rechartering Tutorial
Rechartering Steps Key Points
Internet Rechartering Update – Recommended for all
Journey to Excellence

Internet resources that can help make your scouting experience easier and a lot more fun! - Official site of the Great Salt Lake Council - National BSA website - Scouting magazine - Boys Life magazine - BSA Supply Division - National OA site - More than 12,000 Links to Scouting pages - U.S. Scouting Service Project - lots of information and helps - If you haven't had enough by now, here's some more! - And still more... - A site devoted to advancement.
REI Learn & Share - A 'How To' site for all of your outdoor adventures. - Taking your scouts somewhere you've never been before? Find out all about it before you go.


District Award of Merit Nomination Form
Tour Plan
Other Forms (advancement, awards, etc.)

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