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The Ranger Trek program for Varsity & Venturing Scouts is designed to be a mentally and physically demanding course filled with high adventure and fun.

Participants will constantly be on the move, with full packs, an average of 8 to 12 miles each day. Youth and leaders will experience training in mountaineering, firearms, GPS land navigation, Wilderness Survival, Fly Fishing, High-Tech Cooking, Remote Wilderness First Aid, Communications, Team Leadership Development, and other High Adventure activities and training. Adult Leaders are privileged to participate in the same manner as their youth.

It is recommended that Crews do three practice hikes around their neighborhoods each week for six weeks prior to the Trek. This should include outdoor bleachers, 5+ miles each time, with packs on. Packs should include 30 lbs of weight to condition their bodies. Upon completion of the Ranger Trek Program and its pre-requisites, participants will have earned the Venturing Ranger Award, Kodiak award, and 50-miler award!   

Each Venturing Crew will be assigned one of the destinations below for their Ranger Trek experience. These are: Amethyst Basin, Dead Horse Lake, Kermsuh Lake, Ryder Lake, Red Castle Lake and the Highline trail near Camp Steiner back to Hinckley Scout Ranch (Red Castle and the Highline trail can only be done from the middle of July on)If you have a destination preference call and we will discuss what your group needs to do to prepare for that particular hike.

It is important to be prepared for this adventure. Temperatures can be anywhere from the high 80's during the day to the low 30's (or lower) in the evenings. There is always the chance of inclement weather (rain, snow, hail, lighting etc.), however, the program will continue except in extreme weather conditions. It’s vital each participant adhere to the equipment list found in the Leader’s Guide.

Click on the tabs below to reserve your spot today. A complete reading of the Leader’s Guide is absolutely mandatory by all participants. The Ranger Trek Program is $310 per participant (which includes Wilderness first aid course) for the week, and covers all food and program supplies. It does not cover personal gear. If there are any questions or concerns, please direct your inquiries:


John Garrett at or 801-450-4235

Dr. Rob Thorup 801-231-0324 or


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