Protestant Committee

The Great Salt Lake Council (GSLC) Protestant Committee on Scouting is a subcommittee of the Council Relationships Committee, a standing committee of the GSLC.


The Subcommittee includes Protestant scouters, several of whom are liaisons representing the various Protestant denominations within the Council.


What We Do:

The Protestant Committee serves Protestant scouts by:

·   Working with the GSLC Districts to establish and improve Protestant churches’ and organizations’ understanding of the scouting programs,

·   Working with the Districts to help identify Protestant churches and organizations that might become chartered partners, and inviting them to do so,

·   Publicizing the various Protestant religious emblems recognized by BSA and encouraging Protestant Scouts to work on earning their age-appropriate emblems, and

·   Encouraging Protestant denominations and individual churches that sponsor units to conduct formal Scout Sunday observances.


Much of this website’s contents consist of links to other websites, and names of individuals or organizations you may be interested in contacting.




Reese Pope—Subcommittee Chair and United Methodist Liaison

            Phone: 801-897-1197



Rob Lee —Baptist Subcommittee Liaison




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