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You may have missed a great meeting

Tonight chapter 15 Wamblee, met at 7 pm to 9 pm. The boys came early and stayed late. There were 21 boys who were in attendance and 8 adults. This is a record for our chapter. The subject was on service done by john Taylor. John also played a couple of games with all the boys. He reviewed his ideas that he does for service and shared them with everyone there. Eric Nielson his advisor shared with us ideas on service projects. Then John Taylor introduced his guest speaker David Munford. David talked about how we can all do service every day. He also demonstrated a homemade flute. He has the plans available for 1.50 if you are interested. David reviewed art work that he has done for the Salt lake council. He had a display of his work with him. Thank you Dave for coming.

Everyone agreed to have an ongoing service project from now until December. A food drive will be going on and john Taylor was put in charge of the project. The chapter decided to collect food for the next 3 months and turn the food in to the food bank just before Christmas.

The district leaders asked if our chapter would help with the fall camp o ree on sept 25-26 at 5 mile pass. The chapter oa was asked to start the fire at the beginning of the fire program Friday night. The chapter was also asked to be in charge of a couple of skits during the program as well.

Next chapter meeting Oct. 8.

Nick asked the boys to design a lodge flap by next chapter meeting and come next time with ideas.

The chapter of the month wamblee arrow was explained to the members and a piece of leather was signed by everyone and will hang on the arrow to be given back to the lodge at sept lecm next week.

The calendar was presented and read aloud for the year.

  • Fall camp o ree sept 25 -26 5 mile pass
  • Oct. 8 chapter meeting
  • Oct 09-10 ordeal at wheeler farm
  • Oct 10 brotherhood
  • Oct 16 -17 at Tracy camp patch auction
  • November chapter meeting will be arrow head chippings
  • December chapter meeting will be a Christmas party
  • 3rd sat of Jan is our lodge dinner cost $12.50 each person

In all it was a great meeting. Everyone had a great time. We are all proud of the events that we are undertaking in our chapter. We would like to ask Gary Robinson if he would add this info to the Gem and if you would mention that we would like the district to help out with the food drive each month. It only takes a few cans to make a difference from each of us. Thank you Gary.

This year�s group of boys are fantastic and we are starting off on the right path.

Thank you to everyone who has helped our chapter grow over the years. The results are great.

Order of The Arrow Fundraiser

Support the Order of the Arrow in District 15 by donating your old cell phones and ink cartridges info(PDF)

There will be a box available during roundtable for your donations

  1. On cell phones, they must include batteries. Deliver them in a box or sack with an inventory showing the Make and Model of each phone. Pack them so that they do not get damaged in transit.
  2. On cartridges, we can take copier and fax cartridges also. Might want to wrap each one to keep them from banging against each other.
  3. No Epson cartridges. They are not wanted and we will destroy them if they are included.

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