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Merit Badge Counselor Information Page!


Qualifications:  Counselors must be 18 years or older, of good character, work well with scout-age boys, and be proficient in the merit badge subject(s) they are teaching.  They must be approved both by their local units and the district advancement committee.  Additionally, counselors must be 21 years or older and have special qualifications or certifications for the following Merit Badges: First Aid, Canoeing, Kayaking, Climbing, Lifesaving, Rifle Shooting, Rowing, Scuba Diving, Shotgun Shooting, Snow Sports, Swimming, or Whitewater.  (Additional information may be found in the 2013 Guide to Advancement)


What is the process for becoming a Merit Badge Counselor?

1.  Click here to download a copy of the BSA Adult Application Form, fill out and sign the application portion in both forms, indicate position code:  42 and position:  Merit Badge Counselor, get two unit approval signatures, then summit to local council offices or to the District Executive for approval.

Note:  Avoid the months of March, April May (re-charter months) to apply OR give your application directly to the DE Kent Gregersen, indicating that you want to be registered for the coming district charter year.

2.  Click here to print out your Merit Badge Counselor Information Form.  This information will be used to add your merit badges to the database once your application has been received, processed and verified by the council/district offices.  At the top of the page, please indicate your zone/stake name and District: Silver Mesa District 15 


3.  Click here to complete Youth Protection Training (Y01) online.  Be sure to submit an updated copy of your Youth Protection Training Certificate along with your application and MBC Information Form to the GSLC. 


What training is required for Merit Badge Counselors?

  • YPT is a required on-line training that must be updated every two years or a counselor runs the risk of being dropped.
  • YPT must be current by April 15 every year (including those who YPT expires before June 1st) or counselors run the risk of being dropped.
  • Merit Badge Counselors are reviewed annually in the spring.  Charter year for counselors goes from June 1 to May 31.
  • Click here for a copy of the Merit Badge Counselor Orientation Supplemental Adult Leader Training sheet.  This is a guide that will help counselors understand their responsibilities and roles as a coach and counselor in the merit badge program.  It is intended as a short orientation course for the counselors before they begin working.
  • 1 Hr. Merit Badge Orientation Course offered through the district is required of all merit badge counselors.  The course is taught during the 1st hour of our district Specific Leader Training.  Zone Commissioners may request another night of  MBC training for their zone if they like, by contacting Debra Olsen:  solsen2000@hotmail.com.


What other information do I need to know as a counselor:

  • A counselor may register for as many merit badges as he qualifies for; but no more than three required merit badges will be approved by our district.
  • To ensure that scout boys have a greater opportunity to meet with a variety of counselors we encourage counselors to sign off no more than five merit badges per boy,  
  • Each unit may place their own limit on the number of merit badges Scouts earn from one counselor. (new 2013 guideline.)  Our district recommends that a boy goes to the same counselor for no more than 5 merit badges.)
  • It is not the normal function of a scoutmaster or assistant to serve as a merit badge counselor; however they may sign off camping, cooking, hiking and two other merit badges only, when they are fully registered and approved as a merit badge counselor.
  • A current list of merit badge counselors and their merit badges may be obtained from your zone/unit commissioner (Stk. YM Pres.) or the merit badge advancement committee in our district.


If you should have any questions or need further information you may contact:

Debra Olsen (District Advancement Vice-Chair):  801-943-7384 or solsen2000@hotmail.com

Jen Allen (District MBC Adv. Committee):  801-550-3292 or jen4556@hotmail.com

 (District Executive): GSLC offices or 

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