Young women often wonder why they do not get the chance to do the same fun, outdoor activities that their brothers do at Scout Camp.  Now they can.

We offer LDS young women's groups the chance to hold their girls' camp at Camp Sunrise located at the BRYANT S. HINCKLEY SCOUT RANCH.  There, we will provide your young women the chance to participate in outdoor-based activities while you focus on providing the spiritual-focused experiences.

Camp Sunrise provides campsites with picnic tables and fire rings, 2 newly built private showers (wheelchair accessible), newly remodeled meeting room with restrooms (yes, even 2 flush toilets near the dining pavillion) and a staff to provide the outdoor program experiences.

We will provide the following activities: archery, rifle shooting, canoeing & rowing, climbing & rappelling, and hiking.  We can also provide assistance with other outdoor elements of the certification program.




If you're interested in becoming a staff member for the 2015 season, NOW is the time to fill out and submit your application. Do so by clicking on the 'Apply Online' button below. The camp director will contact you concerning interview dates and times.

FEES: $75 per youth

$25 per adult

Dining Hall:

$60 per person

Available Dates:

June 16-20
June 23-27
July 7-11
July 14-18


How do I make a reservation?
Reservations can be made online, by phone or in person beginning October 1.
To make a reservation, you will need to decide:
1.  The dates that you want to attend camp.
2.  The campsite(s) that you want to reserve.
3.  The approximate number of youth and adults attending camp.
With this information, make your reservation online, by phone or in person.  A $100 per campsite deposit is required at registration.
Please call the Camp Desk to
make a reservation:

Locate forms
Frequently Asked Questions
Great Salt Lake Council
(801) 582-3663
From June to August
Camp Sunrise
Bryant S. Hinckley Scout Ranch
Star Route #1 80-P, Evanston, WY
(435) 642-6628

The $100 deposit is not refundable under ANY circumstance.
NO fees are transferable to any other year. Cancellations or refunds requested prior to May 31 will be refunded at 100% less any applicable deposit. All cancellations or refunds requested after May 31 will be refunded at 50% less the deposit until the Friday prior to your first day of camp. No refunds will be granted thereafter except in exceptional, emergency situations. Please note that family vacations, sports camps and other like activities are not exceptional circumstances.
No shows (units or individuals) are not eligible for a refund. After spending a day in camp, a camper is not eligible for a refund except for illness/injury, or death in the family. A camper asked to leave camp by the Camp Administration due to discipline is not eligible for a refund.

Due to administrative costs, we will not issue refunds for less than $25.00.

PLEASE NOTE: Canceling people in the doubleknot system does NOT automatically get you a refund.
Requests for refunds must be in writing on the Refund Request form found on the council website under Forms and Materials and submitted to the Camp Desk no later than the Friday prior to your first day of camp. Refund requests for units  will be handled in the service center by the Director of Camping and/or the Camp Desk Personnel until the Friday prior to your first day of camp.



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