D10-WestviewInternet Advancement

Record Advancements Electronically:

The Internet Advancement feature allows you to verify registration with the BSA, review current advancement, and permanently record new advancement.

Please contact your local leader to obtain your Unit Number and Unit ID so you can login. Have all of your advancement details ready because only the names of currently registered scouts will appear until you input their awards. If a youth does not show up here, he is not properly registered with your unit. Email your District Executive at Fred.Jepsen@scouting.org if you have questions.

Internet Advancement allows you to permanently record your Scouts' advancement. Please take the time to make sure that their hard work never gets lost.

Check this out! Membership Inventory tool Are your boys in the right program for their age?

If you find you have not registered all of your youth, please email Fred.Jepsen@scouting.org for expedited help!!

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