Black Canyon / Hellroaring Creek

The trek into the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone is designed primarily as a fly-fishing expedition. Great opportunities to target Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout in both the Yellowstone River and Hellroaring Creek will keep both expert and beginner anglers entertained.

Located in the northern end of Yellowstone National Park, you will drive through the length of the park to get there. Beginning at the Hellroaring Creek Trailhead, descend into the valley below, cross a suspension bridge over the Yellowstone River roaring beneath, and continue on to Hellroaring Creek where you’ll find your first campsite. An easy four mile day.


Hellroaring Creek is a tributary to the Yellowstone River. Its freestone nature provides lots of pocket water behind boulders and is small enough to cross in most spots. This is a good warm-up for the beginner anglers who will have a much better chance at catching fish here. The fish aren’t picky, will take most dry flies, and average in the 10-12 inch range.


After spending a day or two fishing Hellroaring Creek, pack up and trek up out of the gorge and back down to the banks of the Yellowstone. Keep an eye out for the numerous elk sheds along this portion of the trail. This is a more strenuous 4 mile day. Upon setting up camp, begin fishing the Yellowstone River. The fishing here is more challenging, but the average fish size increases with truly large Cutthroat Trout being a real possibility.


Spend the next few days fishing and working down the river, possibly changing campsites again as you get closer to the Blacktail Creek suspension bridge. The last day of the trip crosses the bridge and the trail ascends from the depths of the canyon back up to the road. This is a strenuous day, although only covers a distance of 3-4 miles.


NOTE:  Your actual trek itinerary may differ based on the availability of campsites and weather.

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