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Scouting Prepares Young Men. For Life.
Scouting is more than fun and games. 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints supports the purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood. 
For example, as boys accept leadership positions in their troop, team, or crew, they "Prepare to serve in priesthood
callings and fulfill the responsibilities of offices." Even more, they prepare to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood
and temple ordinances, serve an honorable - full time mission, and become a worthy husband and father.

But delivering a quality Scouting program takes money.
A family donation of $50.00 provides a Scouting program to a boy.

How is this effort funded?  In part by Church members, through Great Salt Lake Council's

President Monson said it best:
"I believe in the power of Scouting to bless and enrich lives for good."

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                                 Scouting! Blazing a Trail to Successful Living (poster)

New missionary age makes Scouting more important than ever.
The Church needs young men to be better prepared to serve.  The Boy Scouts provide young men
an opportunity to gain skills, learn leadership and even experience time away from home at camps. 
All important life lessons that will help them be more self-reliant and independent no matter where the Lord sends them.

When members of the Church contribute to Friends of Scouting they are supporting the camps and programs
that help turn troops into an army of young men who are stepping up to serve the Lord like never before.

The Scout motto is "Be Prepared."  We need your contribution to make this happen.

FOS Tools and Training  
Learn "How To" use Patchfunding for your Friends of Scouting Campaign.
    Videos that are available:
          a) How To - prepare your LDS Ward - Quicksetup
          b) How To - Use Donor Cards & Log Payments
          c) How To - Print a Route - LDS Ward
          d) How To - Add a Donor - LDS Ward
          e) How To - Create a Route - LDS Ward
          f) Dash Board Review - LDS Ward
          g) Quick Setup - LDS Ward

FOS General Information    FOS District Specific Training Guide 

FOS District Chairperson Checklist  FOS Unit Chairperson Checklist 

 Getting Started in the Ward  

 Unit Set-up (video)

 More Online Support  (PatchFunding information)

 Create and Manage a Unit Prospect List (video)

 Log a Unit Donation (video)


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