Great Salt Lake CouncilEvents2014 Venturing-Cowboy Action Shoot - Sept 5

 Cowboy Action Shoot - Venturing Activity
            "Ruckus at Salt Rock"

 When:   September 5 & 6,  2014
Where:   "Big Salty" - Lee Kay Center (SASS RANGE) 
                  6000 West 2100 South
                  Salt Lake City, Utah

 Cost:   $15.00 per participant (Youth/Adult) before 8/24/2014
                $18.00 per participant (Youth/Adult) after 8/24/2014

                 $ 4.50 Chuckwagon Breakfast (optional-per participant)
                 $ 3.50 per person PRESHOOT-Ammunition Charge.
                       (which cover cost of .22lr & 12ga shotgun for 2 stages of shooting)

Camping: Campsites are available at the event-This is an outdoor event.

Remember all youth must have their Event training done on or before August 26th, 2014.
      This is the last training session before the event.

The Cowboy Action Shoot is the Most Exciting Action-Packed, Leather Slappin
Old West Adventure in the World!

For all Venturing Scouts and Leaders

The Venturing – Cowboy Action Shoot is the premier Great Salt Lake Council shooting sports event
of the year, in which youth and adult participants shoot using the Single Action Shooters Society (SASS)
model. This event will give Venturing Scouts (ages 14-18) an opportunity to learn about firearms
and shoot in several timed events using .22 rifle and pistol, 12 gauge shotgun,
and explore the shooting skills of the early American Black powder rifles.
Your experience begins by entering your costume in the Traditional Cowboy Action favor.
Find out your favorite Alias and search out his or her history.
Bring it along to the event and act in his or her behalf of that era.
Awards will be given for best outfit and Best Alias Story.

Fees include:

Site Reservation, Friday Nights Western Entertainment and Campfire Program, 
Award Recognitions for best outfit and Alias Story, Ammunition, Use of Firearms,
Youth Firearms Training and the best Venturing Western Timed Event Shoot experience.

$4.50 Chuckwagon Breakfast (Optional) available and will be served on Saturday Morning.

Dress up in a Cowboy outfit (optional) Costumes are required if you have them,
if not come in your venturing outfit. Awards will be given for best outfitted youth.

Camping Reservation Information:

Cowboy Action Shoot at "Big Salty" - Lee Kay Center will be old fashioned tent sites.
     No reservations are necessary.  Camping grounds areas are available at the event.

                        See leaders guide for fire restrictions.
To be in compliance with the Great Salt Lake Council Shooting Sport Standards
each youth must have 
 Basic training in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun & Blackpowder handling procedures and safety training before coming to the event.

The Cowboy Action Shoot Event will provide this training as part of the
registration at no charge. 

                           DON'T FORGET TO DESIGNATE YOUR CAS-NRA


Available session dates & times are listed and are held at the following Locations:

         Great Salt Lake Headquarters Auditorium (7:00pm-9:00pm)
                     525 Foothill Blvd, Salt Lake City, Utah 84113

           Dougs Shoot'n Sports Training Center (7:00pm-9:00pm)
                     4926 South Redwood Road, Taylorsville, Utah 84123

           Lee Kay Center Training Center  (9:00am-11:00am) Saturday as listed.
           Lee Kay Center SASS Range      (1:00pm-3:00pm) Saturdays as listed.

                     6100 West 2100 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84123


CLICK HERE ---->CAS-Training and Practice Shooting Sessions (pdf format)

Please choose from the list of 10 available Training sessions
and 5 Timed Event Practice and Service Project Sessions for your youth to attend.
             (This is part of the registration process.) 

This year we will be offering a Pre-shoot and Service Project  times that will allow
the participant (youth and adult) to practice shooting at the range for the
Cowboy Action Shoot Timed Event SASS Venues. 
($3.50 additional fee will be charged to cover the ammunition that will
be used
.22 rifle/pistol ammo and 12 gauge shotgun cartriages.) 
(This is part of the Registration Process).

Reservations (Youth & Adult-Everyone shoots!)


Click Here----->
 Cowboy Action Shoot Participant Reservations

Click Here ----> Cowboy Action Shoot Staff Registration
                                      (Staff registration includes meal tickets)

Permission Slips:
The Great Salt Lake Council Venturing Activity requires that each parent of the youth participant sign the Permission slip in order to shoot in each activity. This three part permission form is required. Participants copy, Range officers copy, and Unit Leaders copy. These forms must be with shooter and on premises at all times. Please bring them with you because you will need parents signatures on all three forms

Leaders Guide Information
Leaders Guide available with permission Slips in pdf format:

Click Here ----> Complete Leaders Guide (12 pages pdf format)

Click Here ----> Event Shoot Book (22 pages pdf format)

Promotion Flyers

    Click Here ----> Cowboy Action Shoot (September 5-6, 2014) - (pdf printable flyer) 

Cowboy Action Shoot Sheriff's Badge

2 3/4 inches by 2 /3/4 Inches
Shiney Gold 6 Star with Silver 6 Shooter Pistol Inlaid Sheriff's Badge
Venturing-Cowboy Action Shoot is proud to sponsor this
2-3/4 inches by 2-3/4 inches shiney gold 6 star 6 shooter pistol
inlaid Cowboy Action Sheriff's Badge.
This sheriff's badge is available to all Youth and Adults of Scouting

Pre-Event Sales

Cost: $15.00

Click Here --->
Cowboy Action Shoot Sheriff's Badge Pre-Event Sales Registration.
                                       (We have re-ordered 50 for the shoot they are available to order.)

Click Here --->
Cowboy Action Shoot Sherif's Badge Flyer (pdf format)

The Cowboy Action Shoot Event Committee fells that these should be available to
youth as well as adults. 

Pre-Event Cowboy Action Shoot Sheriff's Badge Orders will be take prior to the
Cowboy Action Event in September 5-6, 2014.

Only 100 Sheriff's Badges will be ordered! 

Be the first to wear your Cowboy Action Shoot Sheriff's Badge and
start your tradition in attending the most exciting action packed, 
leather slappin' old west adventure in the west

See you at the Event!    
For further information contact: Great Salt Lake Council

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