2014 D13 - Golden Eagle Merit Badge Pow Wow
The last date for registration has passed.

Description: 2014 D13 - Golden Eagle Merit Badge Pow Wow
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Registration Begins: 12/27/2013
Last Day to Register: 2/4/2014
Contact E-mail: dbeecher@rideuta.com
Cost: $5.00 per General

 2014 D13 - Golden Eagle Merit Badge Pow Wow 

Welcome to:  District 13's annual Merit Badge Pow Wow

  When:   February 8,15, and 22, 2014 from 8:30-11:30am
Where:  There are six class locations for the Merit Badge Pow Wow.

               Four locations will host a variety of Merit Badges
               each of these locations will offer the same Merit Badges. 
               Choose a location that is most convenient to your Unit
       Location 1 - LDS Church Building - Hayden Peak Building
                    5156 W Clay Hollow Ave (corner 7800 S Grizzly Way)
       Location 2 - LDS Church Building - Copper Hills Stake - 5349 W 9000 S
       Location 3 - LDS Church Building - Heritage Stake – 6772 S 3420 W
       Location 4 - LDS Church Building - Prairie Stake - 7337 S Grizzly Way
       Location 5 will host the Chess Merit Badge only
                     LDS Church Building - Jordan Oaks Stake
                     9353 South Vista West Drive (3780 West)
       Location 6 will host Trail to First Class rank advancement only at
                     LDS Church Building – Cobble Creek Bldg –8176 South 5140 West

   Cost:    $5.00 per participant
                Registration for this event ends February 4th.
                No registration will be allowed after this date.
                No onsite registration or changes will occur at the event

       Opening ceremonies 8:30am - come early for seating and bring writing materials
       Classes begin at 8:45am
               Session #A---February 8, 2014
               Session #B---February 15, 2014
               Session #C---February 22, 2014
       Each week you will attend a different merit badge class.
      The maximum number of Merit Badges that you can sign up for is 3.

Available Classes:
Art                                                                                  First Aid®
Automotive Maintenance                                               Genealogy
Chess (held only at Jordan Oaks Stake)                       Geocaching
Citizenship in the Nation®                                              Personal Management®
Citizenship in the World®                                               Photography
Communication®                                                           Safety                                     
Computers                                                                    Sports
Crime Prevention/Fingerprinting
Electronics  (Additional $10.00 Fee at time of online registration)                            
Trail to First Class Rank Advancement
        (only held Cobble Creek Building on 8176 S. 5140 W.)

Click here  For list of pre-requisites and items needed for each merit badge class

Click here  For a schedule for the Trail to First Class Requirements

Important Notes
Note #1:

The registration process requires you to input your unit information,
then click “Continue” to move to the next page, where you
add participant(s). When all participants are input, click “Continue”.
Then click on “2. Register by individual”.

At this page there are four steps for each Scout:

1.      Select a Participant
2.      Select a Category (Building and Date – 1A through 6C)
3.      Choose an Activity by clicking the green button.
4.      The Class Schedule will appear at the bottom as you add them.
5.      Repeat steps 2 and 3 to choose a class each week for that
         Participant, for a total of three classes.
6.      Repeat steps 1 – 5 for each Participant.
7.      Reselect each Participant in Step 1 to view their Schedule in Step 4.

Once you have selected classes on a specific date/building for all Scouts you are registering, select “Continue”. Do not select "Continue" or proceed to "Check Out" until you are positive you have all of classes selected for each Scout for each week. Once you “Continue” to “Check Out”, you cannot return to the Register by Individual screen.

Click here for template that can aid in this process.
Merit Badge Aid Registration Template (pdf format)


Electronics Merit Badge has an additional $10.00 fee, for electronic parts and materials for the project and is part of online registration.


If you have any further questions, please contact
                                         Dave Beecher at dbeecher@rideuta.com.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds after 5pm on February 4, 2014. No refunds for no shows.
To edit an existing registration click here

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Great Salt Lake Council

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