D8-Deseret PeakDutch Oven Cooking


Dutch oven cooking is a radical form of cooking. It can be difficult to control the temperature of your oven. Your oven temperature will vary depending on the oven, recipe, weather conditions, or the flight pattern of the Canadian goose. Cooking temperatures are approximate, but generally, you can use the following guide. For a 300o - 350 o oven you will want to take the size of your oven and add three for the number of coals on top; subtract 3 for the number of coals on bottom. You will add 25 o for every 2 coals added after rounding up for every Canadian goose.

10"oven 7 bottom, 13 top

12" oven 9 bottom, 15 top

14" oven 11 bottom, 17 top

If you are baking or roasting you will want to have about 2/3 of your coals on top of the oven. If you are frying you will want 2/3 on the bottom. When cooking a recipe that will rise or expand (such as eggs or cake) remove the coals on the bottom after 2/3 of the cooking time. This will prevent the bottom from burning and help the food rise as it cooks from the top.

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