D16-Pony ExpressDistrict Staff


General Staff

District Chairman Maggie Newbold 280-0647 newbold21@gmail.com
Asst. District Chairman Mike Seawright 254-1350 Michael.seawright@intel.com
District Commissioner Mike Seawright 254-1350 Michael.seawright@intel.com
District Executive Kevin Riedler 571-205-0007 kevin.riedler@scouting.org
Asst. District Commissioner Mike Seawright 254-1350 Michael.seawright@intel.com
Finance Eric Montague 446-5373 ericmontague@gmail.com
Friends of Scouting Ron George 254-4263 rongeorge@comcast.net
Advancement Bob Hurd 280-0217 bnghurd@msn.com
District Webmaster Brian Anderson 280-2785 d16webguy@gmail.com
Membership Kathy Garner 280-3129 garners7@hotmail.com
Program / Activities Ferrell Peterson 253-2060  fepeter46@msn.com
Relationship Kathy Garner 280-3129 garners7@hotmail.com
Training Charlie Dressen 254-4556 dressenc@aol.com
Silver Beaver Rep. Emiko Hallmeyer 253-9859 ehallmeyer@comcast.net
Scouting for Food Luane Jensen 254-4087  
Utah Scoutimg Expo Aaron Ruckman 676-9136 aaron_ruckman@hotmail.com
Pop Corn Donn Love 385-275-7690 donnlove@comcast.net
Jamboral Dist. Rep Aaron Ruckman 676-9136 aaron_ruckman@hotmail.com
Merit Badge Pow Wow Karl Fackrell 254-1202 d14advancement@comcast.net
Holiday Auction Rep Ray Chatwin 254-3357  
Special Rep At Large James Limb 561-0833  
Special Rep At Large Ron George 254-4263 rongeorge@comcast.net

Cub Scouts

Vice-Chairman Ranae Monsen 446-0994 jrmonsen@yahoo.com
Roundtable Commissioner Cyndi Thomson 253-7589 cjrunning@aol.com
Asst. Roundtable Commissioner Linda Alldredge 280-1919 dreamcometrue_77@msn.com
Cubmaster Corey Nebeker 569-1341 crystal@utahweb.com
Cubmaster Jerry Monsen 446-0994 jerry.monsen@gmail.com
Webelos Cindi Thompson 253-7589 cjrunning@aol.com
Den Leaders Jan McDaniel 282-8902 ppemcdaniel@gmail.com
Den Chiefs Julie Delcambre   ybnormaldel@msn.com
Activities Chairman Brenda Cook 254-5859 wbmcook@hotmail.com
Com Chair Section Fadwa Lawrence 253-1701 HouseofDrapery@aol.com
Training Chairman Ranae Monsen 446-0994 jrmonsen@yahoo.com


Vice-Chairman Colin Campbell 254-6639 ccampbell@cambelt.com
Asst Vice Chairman Gary Fulton 254-6220 fultoncrew@bbscmail.com
Training Glen Thorne 253-5123 gthorne@realmlogic.com
Roundtable Commissioner Jim Ritchie 253-9683 jritchie@utri.com
11-Year Olds Justin Delcambre 302-0604 justinmd1097@gmail.com
11-Year Olds Brent Robinson 280.6638 brentgrobinson@gmail.com

Order of the Arrow

Chapter Advisor Donn Love 385-275-7690 donnlove@comcast.net
Asst. Chapter Advisor Hank Hoffer   dai_hank@hotmail.com


Vice Chair (Coach) Mike Gibbons   mhgibbons@yahoo.com
Huddle Commissioner      
Training Mike Gibbons   mhgibbons@yahoo.com
Committee Paul Ayrton 280-1249 payrton@wmccat.com
Committee Mike Wahlin 280-5001 mjwahlin@sisna.com
Committee Ronald Case 253-2653 caseworld@gmail.com
Committee Tim Cornia 280-3066 timcornia@hotmail.com
Committee Todd Yates 280-9354 tyates@stakerparson.com
Committee Steve Tueller   Steve.tueller@byuh.edu
Committee Gerry Holman 446-7110 gholman@dunndunn.com
Committee Jeff Gwilliam 449-2941 jeff.gwilliam@chghealthcare.com
Committee Ferrell Peterson 243-2060 fepeter46@msn.com
Shooting Sports Myron Rasmussen 254-3223 mdrasmu@gmail.com


Vice Chairman Rob Thorup 254-7090 drrob@thorupdental.com
Asst Rountdable Commissioner Scott Allen 446-9088 scott@fit-well.com
Training Commish Chris Pina 394-8186 chris.pina@ml.com
Training Commish Eric Berubi 815-4494 eberube@me.com
Training Commish Bill Brown 330-6540 utahbill@comcast.net

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