D25-CottonwoodDistrict Roster

If you are aware of any updates, changes, or other additions that need to be made to the roster, please email Scott Wilde.

If there is a blank space where the name should be, that means we are looking for someone to join the district staff. If you are interested, please contact Von Hortin.


District Chairman Von Hortin 801-944-0644 vehort@yahoo.com  
District Executive John Garrett



District Commissioner Kurt Heldt  


  Roundtable Commissioner        
    Assistant Roundtable Commissioner        
    Scout Roundtable Commissioner        
    Varsity Roundtable Commissioner

John Graham
Josh Gibson

    Venturing Roundtable Commissioner Kirk Van Leeuwen 801-647-5042 kf.vanleeuwen@q.com  
    New Scout Roundtable Commissioner Deb Williamson 801-277-5288 debadebaw@yahoo.com  
    Committee Roundtable Commissioner Butch Lodder   ablodder@hotmail.com  
    Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Karla Hortin 801-944-0644 kdphortin@gmail.com  
      Cubmaster Roundtable Commissioner  Morris James 801-272-3358 mhj@lowfatmail.com  
      Cubmaster Assistant Roundtable Commissioner        
      Webelos Roundtable Commissioner Mary Ann Thorum 801-942-1122 thorum@sisna.com  
      Den Leader Roundtable Commissioner Louise Vanderhooft 801-943-3879 janhooft@copper.net  
  Assistant District Commissioners        
    Willowcreek Zone Fred Farmer      
     Robert Deeds      
    Brighton Zone Azar McMaster      
     Jerry Christensen      
    Wasatch Zone Paul Ahlstrom      
     Mark Hyland      
    Cottonwood Heights Zone Dave Rawlings      
     Kent Nate      
    Holladay Zone Joseph Robertson      
     Robert Allen      
    Big Cottonwood Zone        
     Alan Nugent      
    Holladay South Zone Lamont "Monty" Tate      
     Russel Smith      
    Cottonwood Zone Kenneth Keller      
     Roger Player      
    Butler Zone Paul Wirkus      
     Mike Young      
    Twin Peaks Zone        
Finance Chairman Owen Ashton 801-514-6307 owenashton@gmail.com  
  Friends of Scouting Chair Brent Christensen 801-699-6400 brentchristensen10@gmail.com  
  Holiday Auction Chair        
  Popcorn Chair Melissa Hilton 801-274-0944 melissa_hilton@comcast.net  
Relationships Chair        
  LDS Relations Chairman Paul Stringham 801-298-7882 pbstringham@yahoo.com  
  Faith Based and Community Based Unit        
Membership Chairman Duncan Williamson 801-277-5288    
  Join Us Activities        
  School Nights        
  Peer to Peer        
Training Chairman Duane Whiting 801-944-2437 dbwhiting114@comcast.net  
  Basic, youth Protection, COR Training        
  Cub Scout Training Coordinator        
  Boy Scout, 11-yr-old, Unit Committee Training Coordinator        
  Varsity Training Coordinator        
  Venture Training Coordinator        
Advancement Chairman Winn Horoba 801-943-6424 whoroba@msn.com  
  Advancement Training, Eagle Boards, Denali Awards, Venturing Awards        
  District Awards Dinner        
  Cub Scout Advancement        
  Boy Scout Advancement        
  Varsity Advancement        
  Venture Advancement        
Camping and Properties Chairman Steve Chambers 801-943-1586 rstevenchambers@msn.com  
  Council Camp Promotion        
  Cub Scout Camp Promotion Coordinator        
  Long Term Camp Promotion Coordinator        
  Varsity High Adventure Camp Promotion Coordinator        
  Venture High Adventure Camp Promotion Coordinator        
Program Chairman Scott Wilde 801-718-9589 dzikiszczur@aol.com  
  Scout-o-Rama Chair        
Scouting for Food Bruce Gramse

801-274-3760 (H)
801-634-8522 (C)


OA Bruce Grames

801-274-3760 (H)
801-634-8522 (C)


District Awards Recognition          
Silver Beaver & District Award of Merit Tom Broadbent      
  Cub Scout Activities Coordinator        
  Klondike, Fall Camporee, Jamboral        
  Varsity High Adventure Activitie/Program Coordinator        
  Venture High Adventure Activitie/Program Coordinator, Venturing Officers Association        

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