D1-Farmington BayDistrict InformationDistrict Event Activity/Competition Guidelines

The purpose of the events at the District Scout camps is to reinforce basic scouting skills and to help build teamwork and unity in patrols. Our goal is not the event itself, but the effect of the event in the lives of the young men who participate and those who run the event.

Use your creativity in planning and running the event. The event itself should be geared for the patrol as a unit. If the event is too complicated, we will loose the effect and most likely the interest of the participants. Have well defined rules that are easy to understand. Make sure the objectives of the event are easy to understand and that how the event will be scored is clear. Once the competition has started, don't change the rules. It's essential that the event is run as fairly as possible.

Make sure the objectives can be measured. For example, the fastest time, remembered the most items, closest to the exact height or distance, tied the most knots correctly in the allotted time, or identified the most number of animals correctly. This is a competition and awards are handed out at the end. You should be able to provide the patrols feedback as to how well they did after completing their turn at your event and provide the district with the top three 11 year old patrols and the top three Scout patrols for your event at the end of the competition.

We would like the time a patrol is at each event to be 5 to 10 minutes in length. We also want the whole event to carry on in a smooth way. We need to eliminate bottlenecks in the events. We typically have 45 units with at least 350 participants. Please plan accordingly. You should expect at least 4 patrols to be at your event at any given time. We therefore recommend you have at least 4 stations.

Come prepared with everything you need to run your event, including :

  • Scorecard for recording scores of all those participating in the event. A simple spreadsheet with a column for Unit number, Patrol name, Patrol leader, and score should be sufficient.
  • All materials required for the event.
  • Staffing to run the event effectively. We strongly encourage you to use the Varsity and Venture scouts to help plan and run the event.

Arrive early enough so you can set up the event. Please report to District Headquarters no later than 8:30 am the morning of the competition for final instructions on where to set up your event.

When you have your event planned, please notify the Scout Camping Director and provide the following information:

  • Name of person running the event (include phone number and email address)
  • When your staff will arrive at the event
  • A description of your event (with rules and scoring method) including any special needs or area requirements

The deadline for submitting event information is three months before the camp date. This gives the district time to prepare the camp information packets.

If you have any questions, please contact Eric Gray at:

Phone: 547-1458
Cell: 698-3330

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