FEBRUARY 15TH - 16TH, 2013
Hyrum State Park

Winterized Beach Party 

Yes - We are aware that the district has changed and is now district #9.  This camp was largely planned under the old district, and is still intended to include all those who have been transfered elsewhere in the redistricting.  Please come join us in this last camp as the 'old' district.
Troop Leaders please bring a troop registration form, a count of participants, and payment for your troop participants (or proof of payment if you pre-registered) to district headquarters by 8pm Friday, or before 8am Saturday morning.
Cost:    $7.00 / Person

Location:    Hyrum State Park (Group Campground)

For more information or answers to questions call Don Anderson 968-0102.  If I'm not home, leave a message, and I will get back to you, or email me at ScoutDon@Hotmail.com

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