Each Cub Scout and leader who takes the lab tour may earn the patch by answering the following questions:


1. What is a laser?

2. How cold is liquid nitrogen?

3. What is a nano techology?

4. What is a nanometer?

5. What is physics?

6. Explain how magnets interact with each other.

7. What is the Scientific Method? Explain how you use the Scientific Method.

8. What do each of the following physicists study:

a. astrophysicist

b. cosmologist

c. atomic physicist

d. nuclear physicist

e. condensed matter physicist

9. Describe the work of the two types of physicist:

a. theoretical physicist

b. experimental physicist


Make reservations by calling (801) 581-6901.


The main Physics Office is located in the North Physics Building, 1400 East and 115 South. Public parking is just east of the building. Go east on 100 South and turn right about 1500 East. The free tour is open as arranged through a specific appointment.


When arriving at the North Physics Building, go to the main Physics Office (201 JFB) and ask the receptionist where to meet the tour guide. You will see two or three of the physics research labs and also have a few minutes to see some physics demonstrations.


The patch is available to purchase at a local Scout Shop.

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