Each Cub Scout and leader who takes the observatory tour may earn the patch by answering the following questions:

1. What is a planet?

2. What is a star?

3. What is a nebula?

4. What is a globular star cluster?

5. What is an open star cluster?

6. What is a galaxy?

7. What is a comet?

8. What is an asteroid?

9. What is a reflecting telescope?

10. What is a refracting telescope?

11. Why do the stars appear to be different colors?

12. Draw a picture of our solar system and name the planets in order going outward, starting with Mercury.


The observatory is located on top of the roof of South Physics which is located at 174 South 1400 East. Public parking is available after 6:00 p.m. in the lot just east of the building. A visitor pay lot is available further east. A map and direction can be found at: http://www.physics.utah.edu/index.php/for-visitors/directions-a-parking

Star Parties are open to the general public without reservations on Wednesday evenings (weather permitting). Private tours are available on other evenings by appointment only. For reservations send an email to observatory@physics.utah.edu. Since the start time depends on the sun, check the observatory web page to verify when it is open. If the weather is bad, the observatory will not be open. http://web.utah.edu/astro/

When arriving at the South Physics building the building will be locked except on Wednesday evening. An observatory staff member will meet you by the doors on the east side of the building at the appointed time of your reservation.

You will be able to look through the telescopes and see planets, nebula, galaxies, and other wonders depending on the time of year you visit. If you visit in the fall, winter or early spring months make sure you dress warmly.

This patch may be purchased at a local Scout Shop.

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