Each Cub Scout and leader who visits the park may earn the patch by completing the following requirements:

1. Visit the monument. While there, answer the following:
   a. What is the name of the Indian tribe that was in this area?
   b. What is the name of the chief who befriended Brigham Young?
   c. Who are the three people on the top of the monument?

2. Visit the pioneer school. While there, do the following:
    a. Find out the name of the special form of writing adopted by Brigham Young and used to teach reading and writing in the pioneer schools.
    b. Write your name using this system.

3. Visit the Gardiner Cabin and do the following:
   a.  Find out how many children the Gardiners had.
   b.  Learn what chores the children had to do.
   c.  Participate in two of those chores. 

4. Visit the Andrus home. Answer the following:
   a. How much did it cost to stay a night, eat two meals, and board your horse at the Andrus home?
   b. Why are the dishes upside down on the dining table?

5. Visit the barn. What animals did you see? What were they were used for?

The park is open:
Mon.-Sat.: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: 2601 E Sunnyside Avenue
Admission: $3.00 for Cub Scouts and $4.00 for leaders in uniform (includes writband with an extra activity or craft that they do).
Questions? Call Patty Richards, Education Coordinator, 801-924-7534.

This patch may be purchased at a local Scout Shop.


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