In order to instil the 'World Brotherhood' attitude of Scouting in boys and leaders, the International Activity Patch is offered as an opportunity to experience other cultures. An international activity is an activity where boys learn about at least one other country in depth; including its customs, songs, games, and costumes. The activity should meet requirements for achievements and electives in the Cub Scout handbooks. The following suggested Cub Scout activities are already approved by the Great Salt Lake Council and meet requirements for the International Activity Patch:

Pack, District, or Council Activities


-An International activity that provides an in depth experience of one country (e.g. customs, flag, food, costumes, music, games, etc.).


-An International activity that provides an opportunity of learning about several countries in detail.


-A Blue and Gold Banquet that focuses on an International theme and uses ideas from one or more foreign countries. Ceremonies, events, and other activities should exhibit ?World Brotherhood.?


-A Scout-O-Rama booth where an International theme is developed. This booth could be centered on one country or several countries and should include flags and costumes. Games from other countries work well in this event.


Den or Family Activities


-A four week International activity that develops an experience of one country. For example: first week they learn about the flag and songs, second week they prepare food, third week they do a craft activity, fourth week they play games, etc.


-A four week International activity that develops an experience where boys learn about several countries. Each week the boys could learn about a different country.


An individual may earn the patch if he/she participates in any Scout meeting that is held in another country. A family may earn the patch if they host visitors from another country in their home. At least one overnight stay would be necessary. Upon completion, the patch may be purchased by a pack leader at a local Scout Shop.

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