With your den, pack, or family complete the following requirements to earn this patch:

1. Explain where our water comes from; how it gets to our homes; and where it ends up.

2. List two reasons why we need to conserve water in Utah.

3. Explain why landscaping is important to water conservation.

4. Identify six different garden themes displayed along the "Neighborhood Street."

5. Name three different kinds of turf grass.

6. Name three waterwise plants native to Utah.

7. Name two types of mulch and one purpose for using it.

8. Name three particles that make up soil.

9. Name three ways we use water indoors and three ways to conserve water indoors.

10. Name three ways we use water outdoors and three ways to conserve water outdoors.

11. Identify two different methods of irrigation used in the garden.

12. Time Scouts in a competition to put irrigation parts together that are found on the trays in the irrigation path.

Conservation Garden Park at Jordan Valley
8215 S 1300 W, West Jordan, UT 84088

Phone: 801-565-4300
Web site:

Admission is free.

This patch may be purchased at a local Scout Shop.

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