This patch promotes disability awareness, encourages Cub Scouts to better understand the meaning of “disability,” and provides Cub Scouts with experiences to interact with people and Scouts who have disabilities. To earn this patch, a Cub Scout must complete eight of the following:


1. Visit an agency that works with disabilities (physically, sensory, or mentally). Collect available literature.

2. Make a display about one or more disabilities for a Scout meeting.

3. For a one-hour period, go about your normal routine doing chores, watching television, studying, etc. by adapting one of these experiences:

· Hearing Impairment: Muffle your ears with bandages or earmuffs

· Sight Impairment: Blindfold one or both eyes so your sight is obscured

· Physical Impairment: Immobilize arms or legs so that they cannot be used

· Choose one of your own

4. Using Sign Language, learn the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, or motto

5. Learn about the Braille alphabet. Spell out 10 words, including your first name.

6. Talk to a youth who has a disability and learn about the disability and its affect on that person.

7. Learn about wheelchairs. Discuss the differences in wheelchairs in their use and purpose.

8. Be a “buddy” to a youth with a disability for an activity at a Scout meeting, at school, or in a church or community activity.

9. Read a book about a person who has a disability. This may be fiction or non-fiction.

10. Invite a special education teacher or disability specialist to visit a Scout meeting to talk about disabilities, therapy, mainstreaming, and/or interacting with youth with disabilities.

11. Do a service project for people with disabilities.

12. Attend a class about a specific type of disability.

13. Teach a family member the main points that you have learned about disability awareness.

14. Assist with the Special Olympics.



This patch may be purchased at a local Scout Shop.

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