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Chapter Sampling
Council High Adventure Camps - Yesterday and Today
The most unique mountain range of them all is the High Uintah Mountains. The Uintahs are only one of two mountain ranges in the world that runs East to West. There are over six towering peaks reaching over 13,000 feet. In 1952 the renowned Mt. Everest climber, Sir Edmond Hillary, traveled to the Uintahs and utilized King’s Peak to acclimatize for his Mt. Everest climb in May 1953.
Tenzing Norgay, Edmond’s Sherpa mountaineer, accompanied Sir Edmond in 1952 to the Uintahs, spending the entire summer there. This author and his family, had the distinct privilege of meeting Sir Edmond and contracted to pack all of his equipment into the Uintahs on the south slope. Originally, Sir Edmond was going to utilize the Tetons for this experience, however due to constant recognition, he chose Utah’s beautiful remote King’s Peak and Uintah Mountain range instead.
Table of Contents
Foreword Scouting’s Legacy— by John Kirkham
Prologue Author’s Note — by Kerry Ross Boren
Chapter 1 - One Hundred Years of Scouting
Scouting’s Founding Father, Lord Baden-Powell;
America’s Baden Powell: William Boyce
Chapter 2 - The Birth of an Organization Scouting in Utah
Chapter 3 - Great Salt Lake Councils’ Founding Fathers Council Presidents, Scout Executives,
and present Day Key Three
Chapter 4 - Scout Executives Hall of Fame 1910-2003
Chapter 5 - Scouting Influences Great Salt Lake Councils’ Prominent Volunteers
Chapter 6 - Majestic Mountains Council High Adventure Camps - Yesterday and Today
Chapter 7 - Steiner Reminiscences Scouter’s Memories; History of Camp Steiner
Chapter 8 - Expansion Into The Wilderness East Fork of the Bear Scout Reservation
Chapter 9 - Clearing A Trail Millcreek Canyon “Tracy Wigwam” Camp
Chapter 10 - Some Scouter’s Reminiscences Old Time Story-Telling
Chapter 11 - Serving God and Country A Nation’s Call to the Boy Scouts of America
Chapter 12- Expansion of the Scout Program Sea Scouts, Air Scouts, Order of the Arrow
Chapter 13- Community Investment - Greater the Return Your Boys - are - Our Boys:
Religious Affiliations, Learning for Life, Scout Reach, Community Units
Chapter 14- The Best of Times Great Salt Lake Council Building Project
Chapter 15- Epilogue - Scouting’s Future Capital Campaign, Endowment:

It Takes a Community to raise a Child - Leaving a Legacy!
I BSA History at a Glance
II Council Silver Beavers /Silver Antelopes/Silver Buffalos
II Council Constitution
III Articles of Incorporation

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