Climbing Instructor Resources


These Standards are designed to ensure Health and Safety for participants

and Staff members engaged in climbing/rappelling programs operated by

Boy Scouts of America.


The Great Salt Lake Council, through the Climb On Safely Association (COSA) offers climbing, rappelling and canyoneering instruction for Scouters.

This training is based on the guidelines found in "Climb On Safely",
"Topping Out" and "Great Salt Lake Council Climbing, Rappelling and Canyoneering Guidelines."

Climb On Safely - This training is provided throughout the year at Roundtables and various training events. Contact a member of the climbing committee or your District 'Key 3' to schedule Climb On Safely training for your district.

BSA Climbing Instructor - Become certified as a BSA Climbing Instructor. With this training you will be able to take scouts out to experience the challenges of climbing and rappelling.





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