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East Fork Action Centers Activity Availability 

Camp Evergreen operates an open merit badge system that does not require pre-registration for merit badges.  However, the reservation-wide high adventure program "East Fork Action Centers" does allow for online registration for these programs.

Before attempting to register online for activities, please review the tutorial materials provided.  The system functions differently that many mistakenly suppose.  When the instructions are not followed explicitly, your activity selections will NOT be saved.

To complete the activity registration process, your payments MUST be current or you must be prepared to make a payment before exiting the system.  If your payments are not current or you are not prepared to make a payment, your selections will not be retained by the system.

IMPORTANT -- The information viewed at these links is real-time, or in other words, it is always current.



1. Login

2. Input or upload your roster

3. Select merit badges

4. Pay outstanding fees.

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