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The Teepee Talk newsletter is produced monthly as a PDF file in conjunction with the Indian Springs Roundtable and sent to Scouters via e-mail. Each issue contains upcoming calendar items and events, news and information from around the world of Scouting, an exciting Scout game, a recommended campout in the local area, and our district "rare merit badge counselor" list.

Back Issues of the Teepee Talk Newsletter:

May 2012 Orienteering and Geocaching Clinic, Lowe's $100 Gift Cards, New Eagle Scout Project Workbook
Jun 2012 Eagle "Project Coach" Details, Survey Results on New MBs, Homemade Root Beer
Jul 2012 Council Fire Policy, Structure of Troop Meetings, Uniforms and Uniform Inspections, The Return of the "Twinkie Cannon", Scout Committee Anonymous Feedback Form
Aug 2012 Council Fire Policy, Recipe for "Scout Camp Ice Cream", Pioneering Activities in August, Eagle Scouts in the News, Pioneering Program Helps
Sep 2012 Available Rope Maker Device, Why Practice Ropecraft?, 2012/13 Scouting Calendar
Oct 2012 Thanks for a Great Fall Camporee!, Trekking on Historic Trails in Utah
Nov 2012 New MBs to be Added in 2013-14, Taking Your Troop Shooting, Current NRA-Trained Scouters in the District,
Dec 2012 Indian Springs District Boundary Change Announced, First Aid Suggestions, Festive Scout Treats, Are You a "Rare MB" Counselor?
Jan 2013 Boundary Changes Now in Effect, Silver Beavers Announced, 28 Rare MBs Now Covered by District-Level Counselors, Youth Training in the Boy Scouts, Ultimate List of Scouting Apps, S. Dilworth Young Scouter's Minute
Feb 2013 Prospective Change to BSA Policy RE: Homosexuals, Utah IEEE Chapter Sponsors High-Tech MB Pow-Wow, 31 Rare MBs Now Covered by District-Level Counselors, Helping Leaders Get Trained on Day One, Indian Springs District Boundaries (map), "Band of Brothers" Scouter's Minute
Mar 2013 New "Game Design" MB Released, Gobs of Blogs for Scouting, Physical Fitness Scouter's Minute, Virtuous and Vicious Cycles in the Running of Scout Troops and Patrols, Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraiser Do's and Don't's, Unit Money Earning Application, Guide to Unit Money-Earning Projects
Apr 2013 Totin' Chip and Fireman Chip, "Good Timber" Scouter's Minute, "Leave No Trace?" Scouter's Minute, Incorporating Scouting's Special Awards
May 2013 Sneak Peek at Great Salt Lake Counci's 2013 Jamborall, The Most-Earned MBs of 2012, The Least-Popular MBs of 2012, "A Lesson in Trust" Scouter's Minute
Jun 2013 GSLC on the Membership Issue, Can Scouts Earn Service Hours Outside the Troop Setting?, Scouter's Minute: Colonel Chamberlain at Gettysburg, Changes to the Venturing Program Coming in 2014, Starting Out Young Scouts Cooking in Dutch Ovens, Thomas S. Monsen Award, Alternatives to Hot Pockets and Soda Pop, The Five Steps to Making Dutch Oven Chicken Stew (handout)
Jul 2013 LDS Centennial T-Shirt Design Offered free to Units in District, "Stolen Bolo Tie" Scouter's Minute, Backpacking for 11-Year-Olds: the Day Hike, How to Save a Kid from Drowning, Tech Tip for Resolving Problems with BSA's Internet Advancement System
Aug 2013 Two New MBs Released (Sustainability and Programming), New "Cyber Chip" Offered to Help Scouts Stay Safe While Online, Scouter's Minute: Analogy of the Bicycle, Helping Scouts to Finish their Partial MBs from Summer Camp
Sep 2013 President David Beck to Give Jamborall Keynote, Updated List of NRA-Trained Leaders in our District, Preparing for Rechartering, Scoutmaster Handbook to be Replaced by Two-Volume "Troop Leader Guidebook" Later in 2013, New Website for Digitized Issues of Scouting Magazine, Encourage Attendance with New District Flyer, Friends of Scouting: The Easy Way
Oct 2013 Best Places to Go Fishing, Getting a Troop Fishing Permit, Step-by-Step Instructions to Get Youth Protection Trained, Cooking MB to Become Required in Jan 2014, Encourage Roundtable Attendace with New District Flyer, Special Broadcast to Honor 100-Year Affiliation of LDS Church and BSA, Thomas S. Monsen Award
Nov 2013 Roundtable Not Held, No Teepee Talk This Month
Dec 2013 Building Science Into Outdoor Activities and Campouts, "A Century of Honor" Video Now Available, BSA to Use Scout Law and Oath for all Scouting Programs
Jan 2014 BSA to Produce New TV Show, Minnesota Scout Vows to Sleep Outside an Entire Year, 2014 Varsity Big Event, Scout Shirts Shoudl Always Be Tucked In, Preventing Scoutmaster Burnout, Summer Camp Options 2014
Feb 2014 2014 Klondike Derby Report, Upcoming GSL Bird Festival, District Debuts New YouTube Channel, District Award of Merit Recipients, The Power of Scouting Games, Every Boy Deserves a Trained Leader
Mar 2014 Average Service Hours Per Eagle Project, New Venturing Awards, Newly-Minted "Mining in Society" MB, Scoutmaster Forgot to "Burn" Them, What is an Order of the Arrow Election?, Incomplete List of Scout Software, National Honor Patrol Award, Davis County Hiking and Biking Trails
Apr 2014 New Digital Technology MB, BSA and Building Responsible Men, Goblin Valley Scouters Receive Misdemeanor, "Dare Mighty Things," MB Classes Offered in Davis Co., Adult Training and Awards
May 2014 Improving the "Pre-Opener" on Troop Night, Good Eagle Projects, BSA's Troop Program Resources Guide, Chuck Norris on "Backing Down"
June 2014 Dealing with Disappointment, New Venturing Award Requirements, Former CIA-director Gates Now BSA President, New BSA Fieldbook Now Available, Varsity Pledge Replaced with Scout Oath and Law, "Everybody's Canoe"
Jul 2014 Roundtable Not Held, No Teepee Talk This Month
Aug 2014 2014/15 Annual Planning Tips, Eagle Project Workbook Receives Revisions, Paying One's Way to Philmont, New Venturing Award Patches and Medal
Sep 2014 10 Ideas to Move from "Adult Led" to "Boy Led", Scouting Activities You Thought Were Banned...and a Few That Actually Are Banned, MB Pamphlets Now Available on Kindle, Homemade Stoves That Follow the Rules, Making Char Cloth for a Scout's Tinder Kit, New Options to Update BSA Training Records, Updates to District's Rare MB List, Scouter's Minute: "Trim Your Sail"
Oct 2014 "Passing the Reins" from one SPL to Another, Successful District Basic Training, "Save the Date" Info for the 2015 Klondike Derby, Time Limits for Completing Merit Badges, Using a Bow Drill: Make Fire and Earn Awards, ScoutCast Sheds Further Light on Venturing, Scouter's Minute: "A Scout is Clean"
Nov 2014 Classes Announced for 2015 University of Scouting, Conducting a Troop Resource Survey, Energize Your Troop with a MB Marathon, BSA Explains Recent Surge of New MBs, 2017 National Jamboree Theme and Logo Released, 2014 BSA Sustainability Report, 2015 NESA Scholarship Info Released
Dec 2014 Run a Boy's Life Christmas Subscription Drive, Season's Greetings from BSA National Key Three, Give BSA Your Opinion on Programs, Questions and Answers about MB Counselors, Planning a Successful Parents' Night, Scouter's Minute: "Within My Power"
Jan 2015 Encourage Your Scouts to Serve on Camp Staff, Watch Upcoming Webcasts on the New Cub Program, A Dialog with a Life Scout about Eagle Project Options, Looking Forward to the 2015 Klondike Derby, Parents Who Know Nothing about Scouts, Scouter's Minute: True North vs. Magnetic North, Some MB Pamphlets Now Available in Spanish, 2015 Utah BSA Summer Camp Options (Updated)
Feb 2015 Youth Training in Scouts: Part Deux, District's Online Library of Games and Campouts, 2015 District Award Recipients, 2014/2015 Silver Beaver Nominees, LRPA Hosts "Golf Ball Shoot" Invitational, Scouter's Minute: "The Two Knapsacks", How to Get Scouts Excited to Earn Merit Badges, Anyone Can Subscribe to the Eagle's Call, Recommended 50-Miler Equpment List and Invitation

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