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Monthly Scout Games
Each month at Roundtable meeting we present for your benefit a well-described Scout game, complete with written description, a list of materials needed, detailed rules, variants, and opportunities for youth leadership:

Alligator Pit A great outdoor game that tests lashing skills in a competitive setting. Once the “A-frame” is built, a patrol must work carefully together to walk the structure across a treacherous pit of man-eating reptiles.
Black Magic Mystery game that helps Scouts to think analytically in a fun and frustrating setting.
Blindfold Soccer A fun, wacky take on competitive soccer. Boys must work in pairs to score goals. One of the boys is blindfolded—and only he can actually touch the ball. The other directs and encourages.
British Bulldog This game is great to get the Scouts active and build speed and agility.
Camoflage! A fantastic scout game—best played outdoors, though it can work almost anywhere. Scouts hide where they can see the Scoutmaster, but not be seen…
Clothespins A group of Scouts gather together, each with an equal number of clothespins attached to his clothing. Once the whistle blows, each tries to detach clothespins from his opposite and affix them to himself.
Four Step Dodge-ball variant where the person with the ball is limited to four steps before having to throw the ball. There are no teams, making it great for a pre-meeting activity.
Human Foosball This game is desgined to cultivate strategy, creativity, and teamwork.
Jump the Shot An old classic. A central figure slowly spins a weighted line. Individual scouts or small patrols compete to stay in the game by dodging the weight and the line each time it comes around.
Kim's Game A patrol is shown a tray filled with a variety of items. After studying the contents for a few minutes, the tray is removed and the Scouts must correctly list the contents from memory.
My Leader, My Guide Guides lead blindfolded Scouts through a maze. No one may speak, guides can only use the pressure of a single fingertip to direct their counterparts.
Old Plug Best in a larger group of 15 to 20 Scouts, this traditional dodgeball-like game is a unique combination of cooperative and competitive play.
Oooga Booga and Stomp Two quick and wacky games of close confrontation. No assembly required.
Punctured Drum A simple summer relay, but with a twist that forces patrols to think about organization, delegation, creativity, cooperation, and entropy.
Ring and Chain A great, goofy, get-active game that challenges a patrol's collective brain power. Each patrol must pass a hula hoop around a ring of Scouts who are holding hands.
Rucksack Relay Two or more patrols race in relay to each re-pack a the contents of backpack which are strewn about.
Scout Meets Scout Two teams, seperated by some distance, proceed towards each other in stealth. Whichever team sees the other first, wins.
Spud Players are assigned a number. They cluster around a soft ball. Someone throws the ball into the air and calls the number of one of the others in the group...
Tennis Ball Bolas A series of games played using homemade boleadoras or bolas, which are weapons consisting of two or more heavy balls secured to the ends of a strong cord.
Tipcat A classic campout game, can be played anywhere, anytime, with almost no preparation but a little whittling.
Tug-O-War The classic contest of strength. See here also several variants you may not have heard of..
Uniform Inspection Judge and Jury Select two random patrol members, then select two "lawyers" to represent them--each lawyer points out something praisworthy about their "client's" uniform.
World's Best A fun party game in which players guess a fictitious "accomplishment" based on the questions they are asked by everyone else.


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