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Adams Canyon Very popular canyon day hike in Layton, camping also possible if you get there early enough or go during the week.
Antelope Island Antelope Island is the largest of the islands of the Great Salt Lake. A large herd of American bison were introduced to the island in 1893 and can be seen, individually and in groups, wandering around and feeding on native grasses.
Ben Lomond Peak Ben Lomond Peak is just north of Ogden, Utah. It is probably the most famous of the peaks in the northern portion of the Wasatch Mountains. A popular trail passes over its summit at elevation 9,712 feet. It is accessible from four different trailheads to the north, south, and east.
Bountiful Pond It's hard to find a good camping spot closer than this! Bountiful Pond is at most a 15-minute drive from any unit in the district. This city park offeres large grassy fields and convenient overnight camping, canoeing, fishing, birding, hiking, and biking.
Burraston Ponds A relatively informal campground maintained by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Juab County. A popular destination for Scouts who like to canoe, swim, and fish.
Causey Reservoir A smallish reservoir on the South Fork of the Ogden River and close to Camp Kiesel, about 15 miles north east of Ogden. A popular spot for canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing.
Crystal Hot Springs A favorite (if somewhat expensive) destination for local Scout troops, especially in the colder months of the year when the appeal of the hot springs and the waterslide offset the anxiety of camping in the snow. A good campout for young Scouts who have not had much winter camping experience.
Cutler Marsh A pleasant flatwater maze of water and wildlife near Logan, UT fed by the Logan River and the Little Bear River. Cutler Marsh eventually drains into Cutler Reservoir and via the Bear River to the Great Salt Lake.
Ding/Dang Canyon and Goblin Valley A moderately strenuous slot canyon hike in central Utah's San Rafael Swell--equal to or better than Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon loop, but much less crowded; close to the popular Goblin Valley State Park.
Downata Hot Springs A much lesser-known hot springs in the Idaho town of Downey (population 625) in Bannock County, roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes north of Bountiful, UT.
Dugway Geode Beds Making a visit to the Dugway Geode Beds is a bit of a drive, but Scouts will not only get a fun excursion in a unique environment, they will also come away from the experience with geodes of their own to keep and display.
East Mountain Wilderness Park Another city park conveniently close to the district. The site is relatively unimproved but has become somewhat popular with local Scout units because it's so close to town and adjacent to the WSA Public Shooting Range.
Fivemile Pass Fivemile Pass is an unimproved camp site located on BLM land in terrain of rolling rocky hills covered with sage brush and juniper. Located about an hour from southern Davis County, it is at an elevation of 5,300 feet and is just a few miles west of Fairfield, UT.
Fort Buenaventura A convenient Weber County park located on an 84-acre tract of land near the Weber River. Fort Buenaventura symbolizes a period of western history characterized by nomadic Indian tribes and trappers. Facilities at the fort include picnic areas, a canoeing pond, the replica fort, various individual and group sites, and restrooms.
Holbrook Canyon Holbrook Canyon is a convenient backpacking destination in a shaded canyon with a water source, making it great for summer backpacking. Bring a water purifier instead of the weight of packing in your own water.
Jordan River, 1700S to 1700N If you want to spend your weekend on the water rather than getting to the trailhead, maybe an "urban paddle" is what you're looking for. This route goes right through downtown Salt Lake City.
LDS Church Camps The LDS church owns nearly 60 properties in Utah that are typically used for Young Women Camp. However, many of these camps are available in the off-season for use by scout troops and families.
Mill Hollow Reservoir Mill Hollow Campground is located in the Uinta National Forest next to Mill Hollow Reservoir at an elevation of 8,800 feet. Visitors enjoy fishing, canoeing, and hiking. A dense forest of fir, lodgepole pine, and aspen covers the area, providing plentiful shade in most sites. Wildlife and summer wildflowers are abundant.
Pretty Valley and Hell Hole Two nice and local hiking and/or camping opportunities along the Davis Creek Trail above Farmington, UT.
SCUBA at Homestead Crater An introduction experience to SCUBA (or even a complete certification course) inside a limestone crater, with geothermal spring water at a very pleasant 95 degrees—all one hour’s drive from Bountiful, UT.
Simpson Springs Campground situated at an important station site along the Pony Express National Historic Trail's route across the Utah west desert. During 1860 and 1861, horse riders risked their lives delivering the mail along this route.
South Willow Canyon Need to escape the heat of summer? South Willow Canyon is shaded and cool on the hottest days. It's about a 1-hour drive from Bountiful. There are five campgrounds in the canyon with multiple sites at each.
Strawberry Reservoir Strawberry Reservoir is a year-round recreation area located less than 2 hours from Bountiful. While Strawberry is known for its fishing--especially ice fishing in the
winter--it also popular for boating, canoeing, hiking, and biking. There are almost 300 sites at the Strawberry Bay campground complex in 7 different campgrounds. The lake is a short walk from all of the campgrounds.
Utah Sky Trials Come marvel at this one-of-a-kind falconry event held in the February desert west of Lehi. The Sky Trials are an opportunity for falconers from Utah and abroad to get together and watch some of the highest flying gamehawks at the peak of their physical condition at the end of the hunting season.
Wall Lake Wall Lake is located in the Uinta Mountains, just west of Bald Mountain Pass on the Mirror Lake Highway. It's a short 1-mile hike that is a great introduction to backpacking. From the lake there are many hiking trails to explore, lakes to fish, and mountains to climb.
White Rocks Skull Valley A fun locale in the west desert for the Scouts to climb around on white dome shaped rocks. The two main domes were created from magma as part of a giant flat top volcano. There are about six nice camp spots with fire rings.
Willard Basin An alpine basin with a small lake, Willard and Ben Lomond peaks, and beautiful vistas. Willard peak is the highest point in Weber County.

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