District 12

Klondike Camporee 2010


Date:                   February 12-13, 2010         

Location:           Jordanelle State Park (See map)

Registration:      $10 per person (before 1/29)

       $12 per person (after 1/29)


Note:  Cost includes materials for Bigfoot Necklace. 

Leaders who choose not to make a necklace $6. 

Do not pay at the park entrance


Event Overview

This year�s Klondike will have as its theme, Camping with Sasquatch. The focus of this camporee will be winter camping skills, USING THE PATROL METHOD. Each patrol leader will lead his patrol in the games scheduled for Saturday morning including the sled race. Scoutmasters and other adult leaders may encourage, but should not help the patrol members with the games. 

Awards will be presented to the two highest scoring Scout patrols and the highest scoring 11-year old patrol. An award will be given to the patrol that wins the sled race as well.   

Event Descriptions

Task #1: Bigfoot Necklace

If you attended the pre-camp activity, you may skip this station. If not, go to this station first and make your necklaces. Materials will be supplied by district staff.

Task #2: Pictures with Sasquatch

Show off your Big Foot necklace and have your troop/group photo taken with Sasquatch

Score: 2 points for each patrol member wearing an authentic District 12 Big Foot necklace

Task #3: Smooshboard Course:

This is a timed event. When signaled by district staff, patrol members will climb on the smooshboards (provided by district staff) and walk �in synch� to follow a course.

Smooshboards are long planks with ropes attached. The patrol walks by standing with one foot on each plank and holding the attached ropes. They must lift the ropes and walk together to get to their destination

Score: Times will be recorded. Top three fastest patrols will receive 8, 6, 4 points respectively.

Task #4: Cook and eat a pancake

This is a timed event. Upon signal from the station staff, the patrol will build a fire using kindling, wood and matches. No paper or fire starters may be used. Patrol members will mix up enough pancake mix to make at least one pancake. Ingredients may not be pre-mixed. Once the pancake is cooked, the patrol leader will eat the pancake. Patrol must provide all fire starting materials and enough wood to cook the pancake. They also must provide all ingredients, mixing bowl, spoon, cooking pan and spatula. (Fire receptacle provided by district staff)   

Score: Times will be recorded. Top three fastest patrols will receive from 8, 6, 4 points respectively.

Task #5: Sled Race

This is a timed event. Each Patrol must pull their sled (with at least one patrol member riding) on the marked course. Top three fastest patrols will receive from 8, 6, 4 points respectively

Camporee Schedule 


4:00     Check in

8:00     Sr. Patrol Leader Meeting

9:30     Campfire Program (Bring chairs or buckets to sit on for the campfire program)

10:30  Lights out, (keep a close eye out for Bigfoot)

11:00  Quiet



6:30     Reveille

8:30     Flag Ceremony (Need a patrol in uniform (5 additional points)

8:45     Winter Camping Skill Games

11:30   Turn in cards for scoring      

12:00   Awards




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