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Bryant S. Hinckley Scout Ranch

Hinckley Scout Ranch will offer a traditional merit badge program to meet the needs and interest of the Scouts. We will have 3 hour merit badge class blocks.  Many of the merit badges can be earned in one 3 hour class block, however there are some that will require the Scout to sign up for 2 class blocks. 
In addition to the merit badge program Hinckley Scout Ranch is offering a new concept called Adventure Trails. The Adventure Trails will be in 3 hour class blocks similar to the merit badge class blocks; however the difference is that the youth will be enrolled in the 3 hour time blocks for 3 successive mornings or 3 successive afternoons to complete the Adventure Trail.
Your Scout unit will be able to camp in one of our new Sub-Camps.  The sub-camps are designed to offer a quality camping experience while delivering a more personalized service at the campsite level. Sub-camps North Slope and Trail Head will occupy what was formerly Camp Frontier.  While in the former Camp Tomahawk your unit can stay in sub-camps Pinnacle and Riverview.  Each sub-camp will have their own daily flag ceremony gatherings as well as their own opening and closing night campfire program.   
Reservations begin October 1.
If you're interested in becoming a staff member for the 2015 season, NOW is the time to fill out and submit your application. Do so by clicking on the 'Apply Online' button below. The camp director will contact you concerning interview dates and times.
If you're looking for a summer camp where your Boy Scouts,  Varsity and Venturers can attend at the same time, look no further!  Hinckley Scout Ranch is able to serve both the younger Scouts and older Scouts in one location.  Your Boy Scouts can attend Hinckley Scout Ranch while those in your Varsity and/or Venturing units can attend Ridgeline Base Camp. For more information about Ridgeline Base Camp at Hinckley Scout Ranch click HERE.

Fees:  $145 per        youth
$25 per adult
Dining Hall:  $80 per     person

How do I make a reservation?
Reservations can be made online, by phone or in person beginning October 1.
To make a reservation, you will need to decide:
1.  The dates that you want to attend camp.
2.  The sub camp and campsite(s) that you want to reserve.
3.  The approximate number of youth and adults attending camp.
With this information, make your reservation online, by phone or in person.  A $100 per campsite non refundable deposit is required at registration.
Great Salt Lake Council
(801) 582-3663
From June to August
Hinckley Scout Ranch
Star Route #1 80-P, Evanston, WY
(435) 642-6628

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