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Bear Lake Aquatics Base

Bear Lake is Utah's second largest freshwater lake.  It covers 71,000 surface acres; has 48 miles pf shoreline, straddles the Utah/Idaho border and is home to one of the premier camps of the Great Salt Lake Council.  Bear Lake Aquatics Base was founded on the east shore of Bear Lake in the early 1960's.  Over the years, the camp has expanded its facilities and programs, offering a diverse program for the Scouts who attend the camp.
Many of the programs and activities can only be found at Bear Lake Aquatics Base.  Scouts can choose from exciting water activities that include: Large boat sailing, water skiing, catamarans, snorkeling or the ever popular canoe outpost!  These activities allow the Scouts to build confidence and self-esteem in themself while creating lasting memories.
This year, Bear Lake Aquatics Base will be adding several new merit badges to their program.  Scouts will now have the oppotunity to participate in Robotics and Search & Rescue.  One of the most unique merit badges Bear Lake Aquatics Base offers is Aviation where Scouts will be able to take flight in a helicopter that lands and takes off inside of the camp!  Don't miss out on your chance to be part of an exciting and entertaining summer with the staff at Bear Lake Aquatics Base.
Reservations begin October 1.                
If you're interested in becoming a staff member for the 2015 season, NOW is the time to fill out and submit your application. Do so by clicking on the 'Apply Online' button below. The camp director will contact you concerning interview dates and times.


Fees:  $145 per youth
$25 per adult
Dining Hall:  $80 per person
How do I make a reservation?
Reservations can be made online, by phone or in person beginning October 1.
To make a reservation, you will need to decide:
1.  The dates that you want to attend camp.
2.  The campsite(s) that you want to reserve.
3.  The approximate number of youth and adults attending camp.
With this information, make your reservation online, by phone or in person.  A $100 per campsite Non  Refundable deposit is required at registration.
Great Salt Lake Council
(801) 582-3663
From June to August

Bear Lake Aquatics Base
4298 N Cisco Rd
Laketown, UT 84038
(435) 946-8533 

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