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Summer Camp is the culmination of the Scouting year, providing the ideal outdoor laboratory for a boy to put into practice the camping and Scout skills that he has learned through the year.

Summer camp supports teamwork by encouraging boys to work together in patrols and troops to accomplish daily tasks.

Summer camp encourages growth by providing opportunities and resources for boys to experience and overcome new challenges.

Summer camp promotes spirituality by bringing boys into the serenity and beauty of the natural environment allowing them the time and solitude to contemplate their lives.

Summer camp promotes having fun, developing friendships, and making good memories.  Summer camp allows boys the chance to live the values of Scouting and advance on the trail to Eagle.

Cost to attend camp.

 Fees:   $145 per youth
              $25 per adult
 Dining Hall:  $80 per person

Boy Scout Summer Camps

Hinckley Scout Ranch

Camp Sunrise

 Bear Lake Aquatics Base

Camp Steiner

Camp Tracy Day Camp


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